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The extreme right “grinds the teeth” of adults, the setting helps them

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«ΤρΙζει τα δντια» &sigma του&sigmaf? βοηθτο σκηνικо

The problems of other parties and especially of the Democratic Alarm open the appetite for ELAM. The Cypriot far-right is contesting for the first time two City Halls, and indeed of large cities, with its own candidate and is generally setting the bar high.

After the official announcement of the candidacy of the party's deputy Sotiris Ioannou for the City Hall of Larnaca, in the next few days, an official announcement of the other member of the party is expectedLinus Papagiannis for the Mayorship of the occupied Famagusta Municipality.

This will also be followed by the announcement of the candidacy of Mihalis Michael for the vice-mayorship of Paphos.

However, the cases of Papagianni and Ioannou are of particular importance in the overall equation of the political scene and are also consequential of the general situation that prevails in the parties.

The candidacy of Sotiris Ioannou in the Municipality of Larnaca has essentially no chance against Andreas Vyra. Neither was ELAM's strategic plan to claim the Larnaca Municipality.

However, the absence of a candidate from DISY's side and the weakness that seems to exist in the alarmist camp to make decisions, created a gap which ELAM hastened to fill with its own candidate. Factors in Larnaca note that if there is no other candidacy from the Right, the ELAM candidate will gather a significant percentage of votesfrom people who would like to vote for Vyra's opposite candidate, who is a member of AKEL's Central Committee. Of course, this percentage does not mean that ELAM will capitalize on it in other electoral contests, but the gain will be that the vote for the far-right party is gradually disadvantaged.

The president of the party, Christos Christou, announced in his statements on the television station “Alfa” yesterday that he will have Linos Papagiannis as a candidate for Famagusta. An announcement which again came before the announcement of a candidate on the part of DISY. Today, Pindarou is expected to announce the candidacy of Andreas Vrachimis, but again the delay gave ELAM room to announce the first candidate. Linos Papagiannis is quite popular in his province and it is expected that, due to both the developments in the closed area of ​​Famagusta and the stagnation in the Cyprus issue, he will attract a number of right-wing voters.

Within the month, ELAM is expected to announce its ballot for the European elections. Geadis Geadis, Polys Anogyriatis and Linos Hatzigeorgiou are the three names that are considered closed. The information indicates that an effort is being made to have at least one recognizable personality on the ballot, while it is considered almost a given that there will be a female candidate.

All this shows that the far-right party is generally claiming a stronger presence on the party map.

The surveys so far show that ELAM has demands for a double-digit number of percentages, although its leadership is apparently keeping a low profile. in order not to provoke and not to awaken reflexive mechanisms of other parties. But the movements of ELAM show that it has visions for big things….

>> Karoyan set the threshold at 7.5%

The Secretariat and the Politburo of DIPA on the topic of local elections with the information stating that a proposal will be made for the candidates of the five municipalities that the party has not yet announced support for. The final ratification will be done at the level of the Central Committee. The president of DIPA, Marios Karoyan, referred to the Local Government elections and the European elections yesterday, underlining that in the next two to three weeks the Party will complete the processes for full ballots.

Speaking on ANT1 television, the president of DIPA-Synergasia, underlined his satisfaction that Parataxi, despite being a new party, will be represented by highly capable citizens throughout Cyprus, in the free areas but also in our occupied municipalities.

He actually did and forecast for the DIPA percentage, when asked to comment on the low percentages he writes in the polls. “Now my forecast is at 7.5% plus.” “That's my assessment, it's a difficult goal but not unattainable,” he said

Source: www.philenews.com

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