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The family lawyer requests an investigation for the culprits

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The family lawyer requests an investigation for the culprits

Police are awaiting instructions from the Attorney General regarding the start or not of new investigations into the case of the death of 26-year-old soldier Thanasis Nikolaou in 2005.

The findings of experts from Greece who examined the ossicle of the deceased that showed possible strangulation or hanging and how it broke while he was alive, change the data, with the lawyer of Thanasis's family asking for priority to be given to the investigation of a heinous crime, as it characterizes it. The Legal Service will forward the findings with the new findings to the death investigator so that he can decide whether the case file of Thanasis' unnatural death should be reopened. As reported to “F” by the Legal Service, the findings of the pathologists must be evaluated and if the death investigator deems that it is justified to reopen the file 16 years later, then the Police will be instructed to start new investigations. However, the lawyer of the family of Loukis Loukaidis stated yesterday that the new data must be investigated in order to find the culprits.

The upheaval came after the persistent efforts of the family of the 26-year-old national guard, who arrived in Cyprus from Australia to serve his military service and was found dead on September 29, 2005, under the Alassa Bridge.

The conclusion of the two experts who represented the Republic and the family, justify what the family shouted for years, Mr. Loukaidis claimed in KYPE, after it was found that the death of the unfortunate young man was due to a criminal act, ie strangulation and not suicide. According to Mr. Loukaidis, “the competent State Authority, the Legal Service, must give instructions to the Police to investigate the case and find those responsible for this terrible crime.”

He noted that otherwise the family would not hesitate to refer the case back to the European Court of Human Rights. “The case must be given priority, this murder is provocative”, he said and added that “Thanasis was a young child who had no reason to end his life”. Asked whether it is possible, after 16 years, to locate the perpetrators, Mr. Loukaidis stated that “when the police want, they can find the culprits, it depends on their ability. “Time hurts a case, but if it is something you can find, you will find it and it is not the first time that a crime is investigated after years”, he added.

He also noted that many mistakes were made in the investigation of the case in 2005.

The Legal Service had announced that it had received the latest report of the expert appointed by the Republic, followed by a meeting in the presence of the Attorney General of the Republic, the Assistant Attorney General, the Prosecutors in charge of the Criminal Sector and the Civil Sector respectively, the Chief other members of the Police leadership. All the evidence is expected to be brought before the death investigator and accordingly decisions will be made on any further action.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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