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The farmers in Xylofagou and Frenaros measure their wounds from the hail

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Μετροyν τισ π&lambda ;ηγΕς τους απo το χαλaζι οι αγρoτες σε Ξυλοφαγου και ΦρΕναρος

Their damage caused by hail,as well as from the torrential rains that hit Kokkinohoria on Monday night, the farmers of the area began to count.

The biggest damages are found in potato crops in the area of ​​Xylofagos and Frenarous.

As the representative of the potato producers, Andreas Karios, told Philenews, there were damages to early potato crops in Xylofagos and a small area in Frenaros, while other crops were also flooded due to the rains, however, it will take days to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Μετρούν τις πλη γ&oς τους απo το χαλaζι οι αγρoτες σ&epsilon ; Ξυλοφαγου και Φρεναρος /></p>
<p>From the morning, officials of the Department of Agriculture began to tour the area, following the instructions of the Minister of Agriculture, and a call will be sent to the farmers in order to declare their damages. Moreover, since yesterday, crews of the Provincial Administration of Larnaca have started recording the damage to properties in Xylofagos for compensation purposes. According to information, damage was found in 25 houses and properties.</p>
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source: Philenews

Source: 24h.com.cy

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