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The Finance Committee released funds and unfrozen positions

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Αποδεσμευσε &kappa ;ονδyλια και αποπαγοποΙησε θΕσε&iota ;ς η Επιτροπor Οικονομικoν

The Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed on Monday afternoon, among other things, the Budgets of the State Scholarship Foundation and the Auditing Profession Public Oversight Authority for 2023,  examined two harmonizing bills, released a series of funds and unfrozen promotion and first appointment positions. in the framework of the notes that accompanied them, questions that members of the Committee had were resolved and questions raised and the budgets will be taken to the Plenary Session of the Parliament were answered.

With regard to the harmonizing bills for the operations of Credit Institutions and for the Recovery of CIFs and Other Entities under the Supervision of the Capital Market Commission, Mr. Pantelidis, which was on the Commission's agenda, Mr. Pantelidis clarified that the passing of the of these bills into laws is not a prerequisite for the Recovery and Resilience Fund and attributed the related reference to a publication in a poorly worded letter that accompanied the two bills.

He added that the discussion of the bills has begun, he said that their passing into laws will not be possible before the Parliament is closed for the holidays and the presidential elections, noting again that it is not a prerequisite for the Recovery Fund or for any other purpose.

Mr. Pantelidis also said that all the funds that were on the agenda of the  Committee to be released and approved the unfreezing of all promotion and first appointment positions that were requested and were also on the agenda.

He added that the Committee in the 1st appointment positions singled out the 73 positions of the EAC, the approximately 23 positions in the Ministry of Finance and noted that the Commission was informed by the Ministry of Finance that the release of the most necessary positions was requested in order to continue the smooth operation of the services and departments that requested their release.

He clarified that the Ministry of Finance he asked the Parliament to release these positions after a very strict examination of the requests he had before him.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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