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The fire on the road and not inside the Capitol – The army is on alert

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The fire on the road and not inside the Capitol - The army is on alert

Police in the US Capitol have sounded the alarm after the building was sealed due to an “external threat”, according to a statement from the Washington police. A fire under a motorway several blocks from the Capitol caused a brief closure of the complex and the postponement of a scheduled rehearsal for Joe Biden's swearing-in ceremony, which reflects the state of increased vigilance in the nation's capital.

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According to CBSN, Capitol police warned those inside the building to stay inside due to an “external security threat” , while entry and exit to and from the building were cut off. In fact, an area on the Western Front of the Capitol was evacuated, where a rehearsal for the day after tomorrow was sworn in.

“There is no threat to the public,” the Secret Service wrote in a tweet recently, while according to Reuters, people inside the Capitol were called to a safe place and all participants in the rehearsal for the swearing-in ceremony found outdoors. removed inside the building.

“There are no fires inside the building”

Police said a fire under a highway several blocks south of the building triggered an alarm.

“With great care after an external security threat under the bridge at I-295 in First and F Streets, SE, the deputy commander ordered the band to be sealed. There are currently no fires inside or outside the Capitol campus. “

In videos that have been posted on social media, smoke appears to be coming out from behind the Capitol building, while others show the fire. Capitol police said: “Members and staff were informed to take their place while the incident is being investigated.”

The city's fire department said on Twitter that firefighters had extinguished a fire that broke out near the Capitol complex. “There were no injuries,” the fire department said. “That explains the smoke that many saw.”

In a newer post, she informed that the fire was started by homeless people who lit it to keep warm from the cold. However, they also used a gas cylinder, which caused an explosion and the fire to spread.

Source: politis.com.cy

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