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“The first Easter in the camp” – How Cyprus celebrated the Resurrection in 1975

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«Το πρoτο Πασχ&alpha σοναυισγιεη κyπο τηντση το 1975

“omw72″>The resurrection of the God-man is a day of joy and celebration for every home throughout Cyprus, since families gather to spend Easter Sunday happily, with feast and drink and then go to the events organized throughout Cyprus, such as the Easter parties “games”, where young and old come into contact with tradition. This is the image that comes to most people's minds when they hear the words “Easter Sunday”. But not for everyone. For those who lived through the Turkish invasion of 1974 and were forced to flee their homes to escape Attila's forces, the images that come to mind are different. Camps, foreign places, unknown faces and the wish “may we return soon to our homes”.

It was May 4, 1975, when the calendar read Easter Sunday. An Easter different from the previous ones and definitely different from the next ones. It was the first Easter in the refugee for thousands of displaced people, who had to find the courage to spend that day as normal as they could, especially if they had small children, while many families lived in anxiety about the fate of their own people, who were missing. . Something that for many still hasn't changed, since fifty years later, they still live with the same anxiety and pain, since they didn't learn what happened to those lavenders who sacrificed themselves for the country.

The suffering of Cyprus as a whole was also evident through various articles in the daily press of the time. On Great Saturday, May 3, 1975, the newspaper “Eleftheros Laos” had on its front page a text entitled “My Anasta Patris”, by Ioannis Spanos, who stated that the “Patris hanging on the wood of her martyr's cross” was the most dramatic symbolism, since in the midst of her pain and passions, Cyprus was crying for the betrayal that led her to separation. He then referred to the events of Christ's crucifixion, in order to make a comparison with the Cypriot tragedy, concluding that the people hope and expect the resurrection of their homeland, just like Christianity the Resurrection of the Lord.

«Το πρoτο Πασχα &sigma καυμoσγιεηκ ;ρο τηννστο 1975

The message of Makarios

Holy Saturday was also the day when the message of Archbishop Makarios, who was also the President of the Republic, was read in the churches of Cyprus. “We will not bend under the weight of the Cross” was the front page of the newspapers, to promote the message of the Primate of the Church of Cyprus. “The trials will not be endless”, was the subtitle, while in his message, Archbishop Makaarios said “carrying on our shoulders the heavy cross of martyrdom, we climb the Cypriot Calvary, for the umpteenth time already. But we do not bend and bend under the weight of the cross. Under the pressure of calamities and sufferings, we do not despair and we are not disappointed”.

In the same circular, the President of the Republic stated that nine children who were stranded in Karpasia, far away from his family, they would be transferred to Nicosia, after consultation with the Humanitarian Affairs Service, with the “authorities” of the conquerors.

«Το πρоτο Πασχα &sigma καυμoσγιεηκ ;ρο τηννστο 1975

The allowance decided by the Government

It is noted that the Government had decided, according to the press of the time, to pay an extraordinary monetary Easter allowance to the displaced so that they could celebrate Easter. In the publication about this decision, it was mentioned that “the extraordinary Easter allowance will be paid to all families, and the needy will receive a grant in April”.

«Το πρoτο Πασχα &sigma καυμoσγιεηκ ;ρο τηννστο 1975

“The first Easter in the camps”

Several displaced persons and refugees, who had nowhere to lay their heads, spent the day of the Resurrection of the God-man in the camps, where they were staying. The camps had become the shelters for those people, who in the midst of pain and misery, united with those around them and supported each other.

The camps were visited by the then President of the Republic, Tassos Papadopoulos, who distributed Easter gifts on Easter Sunday, accompanied by the then Minister of Labor and the Ambassador of Greece. The images in the press also showed two small children crunching their eggs outside the tent they were staying in.

«Το πρoτο Πασχα &sigma καυμoσγιεηκ ;ρο τηννστο 1975

«Το πρoτο Π σχασοναυιμoσγιoρτ&sigma ;εκσασητο

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«Τ&omicron προπσακαισμoσ γιεηοναση 1975

Events in all provinces

It is remarkable that even on this otherwise festive day, the women again showed their fighting spirit as they staged sit-ins in all the free provinces to send the message that the struggle for liberation will not stop. Several organizations stood by their side, such as POED, PEO and others, thus showing that in front of the good of the country, everything else is small.

«Το πρoτο Πα&sigma χασονκλισπoσγιρτσ ε κσ τστο

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«Τ&omicron προπσακαισμoσ γιεηοναση 1975

«Το πρоτο Πασχα στον καταυλισ&mu ;»πσγσετηα ση το 1975

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