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The first reactions after the debate in the USA – “Disaster” the appearance of Biden: “His performance takes him out of the race”

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He, however, believes that he “did well”

US President Joe Biden's performance in last night's debate with Donald Trump has alarmed top Democrats, with some openly questioning whether he can make it in November's presidential election against Republican mogul, according to CNN.

“He seemed a little disoriented. As the debate progressed he grew louder. But by that time, I think the panic had set in,” said Democrat David Axelrod, a top strategist to former President Barack Obama and senior political commentator for CNN.

Axelrod also did , also referring to a discussion among several Democrats Thursday night: “There will be discussions about whether he should continue.”

< p>For his part, Joe Biden said yesterday, Thursday night, that he “did well” in the debate with rival Donald Trump, while the reactions to the performance of the Democratic president are much more moderate even in his camp.

“I think we did well,” Joe Biden said as he left the debate, stopping at a Georgia restaurant where supporters had gathered to watch. The American president added that it is “difficult to talk to a liar”.

It should be noted that last night's debate was hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the key states for the outcome of the November election. It was hosted by CNN and hosted by reporters Jake Tapper and Dana Bass. It was held without an audience, with timed answers and a closed microphone to the candidate who did not have the floor.

A second debate between Biden and Trump is scheduled on the ABC network on September 10, two months before the crucial presidential election. in the US.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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