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The fishing boat of the company “Ta Psarokaika” that was harassed by the Turks returned to Limassol

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The fishing boat of the company

At its base, in the old port of Limassol, returned at 14:15 the fishing boat “Maria Bouboulina” of the company “Ta Psarokaika”, which yesterday was harassed by Turkish boats and armed Turkish police caused damage to its electronic systems.

“We thought they would arrest us and take us either to occupied Kyrenia or to the coast of Turkey,” said company owner Aristos Aristidou as soon as the ship docked in the old port of Limassol.

The adventure of the six members of “Maria Bouboulina” started around 14:00 yesterday, while it was located 20 nautical miles from Apostolos Andreas, in international territorial waters. A Turkish coastguard approached the fishing boat and called the captain by radio to reduce speed, while a few minutes later a second boat of the Turkish Coast Guard appeared.

A total of eight armed Turkish police officers boarded the fishing boat around 16:00 and after gathering the crew at the stern, checked the relevant documents and began to ask questions, such as why the boat is called that, why it carries a Greek flag and why it has so many antennas.

“I told them that the boat is Cypriot, it is Community and we are in international waters and we have the right to fish. They did not answer. “Then they started and did research on the whole boat, down in the barns, in the refrigerators and everywhere”, said Mr. Aristeidou.

The Turkish police remained on the boat for about four hours, asked the crew to make them coffee, while in the presence of the captain and the owner they began to remove plugs from the electronic systems and carry out checks.

After leaving the fishing boat, shortly after 8 last night, it continued its return journey, accompanied by the two coastguards, until at some point four Turkish police officers boarded again. According to Mr. Aristeidou, they drew a line on the screen of the electronic map of Cyprus, about four nautical miles from Deryneia, saying that the presence of the fishing boat is prohibited from there. Commenting that the Republic of Cyprus is there, they stated that it is Turkish waters and a Turkish EEZ and the fishing vessel should not re-enter.

On the way back, it was found that the interference in the electronics of the fishing vessel caused damage to three of its nine systems, worth more than 50 thousand euros, according to Mr. Aristeidou.

This is not the first time that such provocative moves have been recorded by Turkey towards the company's fishing company, since, as its owner reminded, in 2014 a boat was shot down, several harassments took place in the following years, culminating in the capture of a ship and crew three years ago. , for the return of which the company paid a sum of 132,000 euros.

Aristos Aristeidou stated that so far there has been no result from the various actions of the Republic of Cyprus and he does not expect Turkey to be sober this time either.

“They get EU funding for fisheries, their fish come under the Green Line regime and are sold in the free zones, while most of them are Turkish and baptized Turkish Cypriot,” he said.

He called on the Ministry of Agriculture, the parties and the deputies to “rise to the occasion, to consider a possible veto on fisheries funds, to consider the status of the Green Line on fisheries issues”, so that there would be costs for Turkey.

Source: KYPE

The Turkish Coast Guard harassed a Cypriot fishing vessel of the company “Ta Psarokaika” that was sailing off Ap. Andreas

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Source: politis.com.cy

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