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The five scenarios for Erdogan's announcements from the Occupied Territories: For Varosi, “recognition”, drones, base in Trikomo, natural gas

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The five scenarios for Erdogan's announcements from the Occupied Territories: For Varosi,

For five scenarios for the two “good news” that will be announced by Tayyip Erdogan on Monday from the “parliament” in the occupied territories, writes the Turkish website Haber Kipris. The expression “good news” was used in his statements by the Turkish President, after last Friday's prayer, referring to the announcements he will make from occupied Cyprus.

Hamber Kipris notes that the Turkish President will come to the occupied territories accompanied by a large delegation, the President of the Turkish National Assembly, Mustafa Sentop, the President of the Nationalist Action Party, Devlet Bahceli, and the representative of the Turkish National Assembly.

According to Hamber Cyprus, there are five possible scenarios for Erdogan's announcements. The first concerns the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan, noting that the Turkish President spoke of “processes that have been going on for a long time” but also that a five-member delegation of the friendship group of the Azerbaijani Parliament has been in the pseudo-state for 3 days.

The second scenario concerns the invitation to the Greek Cypriots to return to Varosi with Hamber Kipris writing that the Turkish President will pay a second visit to Varosi, after last November, to inaugurate the Bilal Aga mosque (the mosque of the Bakufis is mentioned ) and the “national garden” of the Greek high school of Famagusta. As reported, Greek Cypriots and Athens are worried that Erdogan will call on Greek Cypriots who have properties in the enclosed area to return through an application to the “real estate committee”.

With Erdogan's appeal, he added, part of the besieged city will cease to be military.

The third scenario concerns the air base in Lefkonikos for drones – unmanned, equipped, Turkish aircraft. The first such SIHA aircraft landed in Lefkonikos in April 2019.

The fourth scenario concerns an announcement for the creation of a naval base in Trikomo.

The fifth scenario concerns “good news” about natural gas off Cyprus with the Turkish Cypriot website noting that Turkish seismographs and boreholes did research and drilling in the area last year.

According to the Turkish Cypriot website, the Turkish President, tomorrow after his historic – as he is characterized – speech in the “parliament” for the “good news”, will go to Kyrenia where he will inaugurate the ship – museum for the Turkish invasion 1974.

On Tuesday morning, Mr. Erdogan will pray the Feast of Sacrifice at the Hala Sultan Mosque in Mia Milia and after the parade, where he is expected to send some messages, he will make a series of inaugurations.

The Turkish daily Turkiye writes, citing senior sources, that the visit will be historic and there will be developments that will change the future of Cyprus.

The most important of the surprises that the Turkish President will announce, the article states, are the steps that will be taken towards the recognition of the pseudo-state by the Turkish Republics.

Turkiye notes that for the first time in the occupied territories there are delegations from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

The Turkish newspaper writes that in the enclosed area of Varosia “all public and private property will be opened for use” and Tayyip Erdogan will appeal to the Greek Cypriots “to return to your homes”.

According to Turkiye, the official launch of the Lefkonikos air base for Turkish drones, IHA – SIHA, “the largest base in the Mediterranean that will change the balance” will also be officially announced.


Source: politis.com.cy

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