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The food ended up in the trash instead of the forest firefighters and volunteers

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The food ended up in the trash instead of the forest firefighters and volunteers

One of the biggest problems of the state machine highlighted by the deadly fire in Arakapa is the lack of logistics. The support mechanism for the people who fought the flames hardly worked at all. In the first hours of the devastating fire, the reaction of the citizens to food, clothes and food was unprecedented. Thousands of sandwiches and other food items collected to be sent to fire-affected communities, especially forest firefighters and volunteers fighting the blaze, never reached their destination.

As a result, they end up in the trash, because, “they could not be disposed of properly” revealed yesterday, speaking before the Parliament, the competent Minister of Interior, Mr. Nikos Nouris. Noting, at the same time, that due to the weaknesses of the logistics, “there was an unfair waste of resources”. Mr. Nouris assured the deputies that the issue will be settled in cooperation with the Commissioner for Citizens Mr. Panagiotis Sentonas.

The Minister of Interior did not hide under the rug the problems and the weaknesses of the state machine that were highlighted by the deadly fire of July 3rd. Speaking before the parliamentary committees on Home Affairs, Agriculture and the Environment, he also revealed that at a time when ground firefighters needed tank and chain-loading equipment to prevent the fire from spreading, they had difficulty finding it because, according to N. They did not have the public sector, while from the private sector the owners and owners of tanker and chain equipment should first be identified and then, their order should be made in order to assist in extinguishing the fire. Precious time was lost.

In order not to repeat this phenomenon, the Minister of Interior announced the creation of a register of vehicles in the Nicosia District Administration in which the owners of vehicles that are ordered for forest firefighting will be registered, so that they can be easily identified in case of fire. Mr. Nouris referred to another serious problem that emerged from the deadly fire in Arakapa: Many private wells that were scattered in the area where the fire was raging did not have hydraulic nozzles for the Fire Brigade vehicles to pump water. Pointing out that a way must be found, either by legislation or otherwise, so that all the boreholes have water orifices.

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