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The four smaller parties are vying for the presidency of a parliamentary committee

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The four smaller parties are vying for the presidency of a parliamentary committee

Redistribution to the Presidencies of the Parliamentary Committees is expected to be brought about by the popular mandate of May 30, which reduced the parties in the Parliament and the seats of the larger parties, with the four smaller parties claiming the presidency of at least one Parliamentary Committee. However, the only committee left “orphaned” is only one, the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, which foretells tough negotiations in the coming days and until Thursday, when the Plenary Session of the Parliament will be called to ratify their composition to begin now the production of legislative work.

The Parliamentary Committees that meet in public are 16. The parties that make up a parliamentary group participate in the Parliamentary Election Committee.

Parliament Speaker Annita Dimitriou said that the Plenary Session of the legislature will convene next Thursday to appoint the Secretaries and the Deans. In the previous term, DISY (Annita Dimitriou) and AKEL (Costas Costa) were appointed by a secretary and a dean was appointed by DIKO (Christos Orfanidis).

He added that for this purpose the Parliamentary Parties within the week will be invited to submit their proposals for the members of the Parliamentary Election and Ethics Committees and for the composition of the other Parliamentary Committees.

The Special Parliamentary Ethics Committee of the members of Parliament, as informed by KYPE, will be a new parliamentary body, will have seven members and will be composed of the Chairman of the Committee and six other members, who are elected by the Plenary Body at the beginning of the relevant Parliamentary Period, according to a procedure to be followed in proportion to those in force for the election of the members of the Selection Committee.

It will be responsible for the investigation of complaints against Members of Parliament submitted to it by citizens and / or Members of Parliament and in general for the examination of any other consequences arising from the application of the provisions of the Code.

It is expected that the Chairman of the Ethics Committee will be ex officio the Speaker of the House, who chairs ex officio the Selection Committee, the Ad Hoc Parliamentary Committee for the Investigation of Issues Concerning Politically Exposed Persons, the Special Parliamentary Committee for Pothen `Esches, of the Ad Hoc Parliamentary Committee for the Observance of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, of the Ad Hoc Parliamentary Committee for the Review and Modernization of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament.

The Selection Committee has seven members and in addition to the Speaker of Parliament, it includes 3 DISY MPs, 3 AKEL MPs and 2 DIKO MPs.

During the previous term, DISY held the presidencies of 6 Committees, AKEL 5 Committees, DIKO 3 Committees and EDEK 1 and the Citizens' Alliance 1.

Specifically, he held the chairs of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and the Committee on Trade, rotating in the middle of his term with DIKO, the Committee on Human Rights, the Committee on Institutions, the Committee on Legal Affairs, the Committee on Education and the Committee on Health.

AKEL chaired the Committees on Agriculture, Labor, Home Affairs, Refugees and the Environment.

DIKO held one rotating presidency, the presidency of the Transport and Control Committee.

EDEK held the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense.

Information of KYPE from the leadership of DISY leads the party to expect from the Speaker of Parliament that no later than Monday it will convene the parties participating in the Selection Committee to decide the distribution of the chairmen of the Committees to convene the parliamentary group to be distributed the Chairmen and the members of the Committees.

The former Parliamentary Representative of AKEL, George Loukaidis, who will be re-appointed by his party to this position, stressed that only the parties that make up the parliamentary group, namely DISY, AKEL and DIKO, are entitled to chair the Committee. He added that based on their seats, the parties receive 6 presidencies from DISY, 6 presidencies from AKEL and 4 from DIKO.

He then referred to the practice followed in recent years, according to which the larger parties give the presidency to the smaller ones and stated that AKEL will in no way accept to “leave” the presidency from its parliamentary group to ELAM “a fact that will signal its normalization “. Mr. Loukaidis hinted that AKEL could grant a presidency in favor of the Environmental Movement.

The AKEL Parliamentary Representative also said that the details regarding the presidencies that AKEL will hold will be discussed on Tuesday at a meeting of the Parliamentary Group.

As the President of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, stated in KYPE, there is no question of reducing the number of presidencies held by the party. The details and suggestions of the party for the presidencies and the compositions of the Committees will be discussed by the parliamentary group of DIKO that will meet for this on Monday.

ELAM will claim the Presidency of at least one Committee, as it considers that with the parliamentary power it holds, it is entitled to it. As the President of the Movement, Christos Christou, stated in KYPE, the interest of the Front is focused on the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture. The Presidency of the Committee was held by AKEL with Andros Kafkalias as President.

The President of EDEK, Marinos Sizopoulos, told KYPE that for EDEK there is no question of changing the practice followed during the previous parliamentary terms and therefore considers it certain that EDEK will be given its appropriate presidency, based on the seats it holds. He added that he expects the Speaker of Parliament to invite party leaders for further discussion on the issue.

Well-informed sources of KYPE, expressed the opinion that a Presidency of a Parliamentary Committee belongs to the Democratic Party with a special interest to express itself for the Parliamentary Labor Committee. AKEL was chaired by AKEL and chaired by Andreas Fakontis.

The Movement of Ecologists – Citizens' Cooperation will claim the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment and expects that the current practice will be implemented, during which parties with three Members of Parliament will assume the chairmanship of a Parliamentary Committee through their Chairman.

As the President of the Movement, Charalambos Theopemptou, stated in KYPE, the fact that in the current parliamentary term has been reduced and the number of parties makes it easier for the fair performance of the Presidency of this Committee to the Movement. AKEL held the Presidency of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment in the previous parliamentary term. Its president was initially Adamos Adamou and when he was elected Speaker of Parliament, he was succeeded by George Loukaidis.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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