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The gaps for the appointment of a Tax Officer and assistants are closing

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The way is open for regulating the appointments of the Tax Officer and the Assistant Tax Officers, as tomorrow, Thursday, the relevant bill is expected to be submitted to the Plenary Session of the Parliament, which will fill the legal gaps found in the courts (Administrative and Supreme Court).

Last June, the court annulled the appointments of the Tax Officer and Assistant Tax Officers, which were made by the Council of Ministers. Specifically, the Supreme Court rejected the appeals filed by the Legal Service, judging as correct the first instance decisions of the Administrative Court, which ruled as unconstitutional the appointments of the Tax Officer and the Tax Assistants by the Council of Ministers. The Supreme Court ruled that these are public positions and in this respect the responsibility for filling them belongs exclusively to the Public Service Commission (EDY) and not to the Council of Ministers.

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With the bill that will be submitted for approval to the Plenary Session of the Parliament, from now on the appointment of the Tax Officer and the Assistant Tax Officers will be done through the EDY. In order not to leave the Department of Taxation, which is a crucial part of the public service, the government proceeded to an intermediate solution and from July 1, 2021 the powers and duties of the Registrar and Assistant Registrars are exercised by the Director General of the Ministry Of Finance George Pantelis, to ensure the & nbsp; smooth, orderly and smooth operation of the Tax Department, as well as the collection of public revenues, to serve the public interest. It is worth noting that Mr. Pantelis will be able to perform the specific duties until July 6, 2022.

Last December, the Plenary had approved the regulations that provide for the preparation of service plans in the positions of Superintendent and the Assistant Curator. Therefore, based on the specific data, the appointment of the specific officials by the EDY should be done before July, so all the procedures should run.

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