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The General Prosecutor announced developments in the case of the Monastery of St. Avvakum

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Προανorγγειλε ξελΙξεις για την υπoθεση της Μο&nu orς Οσiου Αββακοyμ ο Γενικoς Εισαγ&gamma ελeας

Instructions were given at the last meeting to the teams investigating the case of the Monastery of St. Avvakum and it is expected that there will be developments soon, the General Prosecutor of the Republic, Giorgos Savvidis, said on Monday.

Mr. Savvidis was answering a question on the subject, after a lecture he gave to final year students of the Department of Law of the University of Cyprus on the topic “The right to freedom of speech and expression”.

When asked if there is any development in the Abbakum case, he replied that it is known that last week he convened a meeting of all the groups investigating the various aspects of this case.

He added that “it was about a long meeting, over three hours, in which each team explained both to him and to the Assistant Prosecutor General, Savvas Angelidis, the course of the investigations and what are the cases they are examining”, noting that they were given to him and various memos.

The Attorney General stated that some instructions were given as part of the discussion, noting that “I expect that there will soon be developments, so we will convene another meeting to see how the matter progresses”.

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