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The General Secretary of AKEL referred to the Cyprus problem and the pandemic

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The General Secretary of AKEL referred to the Cyprus problem and the pandemic

The outcome of the informal five-party conference on the Cyprus issue will depend on the positions of the various parties, especially the Turkish one, which “unacceptably insists on positions that cannot be a basis for initiating any process,” the AKEL Secretary General said.

Answering questions after a visit to the LA Agora of NO and the Laiki Neighborhood, Andros Kyprianou said that it is of great importance how the e / k side will behave. “It must behave in such a way that on the one hand it removes any pretexts from the Turkish side and on the other hand it creates conditions that will push Turkey and the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community to return to the agreed basis of its solution. Cyprus. That must be Mr. Anastasiadis' goal. “

Mr. Kyprianou reminded that AKEL submitted a comprehensive proposal for the above from December 8, 2020, but “unfortunately so far we have not been heard. We expect to see what Mr. Anastasiadis will do, because you understand he manages the Cyprus issue. I do not hide from you that we are very worried about everything that is being discussed in the last days “.

Referring to the British ideas and the claim that AKEL rejects them because they come from Britain, the party's secretary general said that “this thing is very nonsense. AKEL rejects the specific ideas for the content they have, content which if adopted will lead to a confederation. Well, AKEL will never accept either two states or a confederation and I think we have made that clear for many years “.

It is not today that we are clear that what we are talking about is a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality as interpreted by the United Nations, added Mr. Kyprianou, saying that we have accepted political equality since 1991 as the Republic of Cyprus “and I wonder why we need to discuss political equality today “


Asked about the pandemic, the AKEL Secretary General said that in the meeting of the leaders with the President of the Republic last Wednesday he had said that a series of problems need alternative options from the government, which first and foremost, as he said – should start listens to the views of epidemiologists.

“It is not possible for epidemiologists to say that various other activities can be carried out, such as social and political activity, as long as the specific protocols are followed and at the same time the government says I cannot implement it because I do not have sufficient policing or surveillance capabilities.” The government, he added, must find ways to monitor and ensure that human rights and fundamental freedoms work.

The second, he added, may not be the “bulge” of the large number of patients in the public health sector, but we need to work with the private sector to secure more beds “and not tell us that the public sector has reached its limits and we are obliged to close all the activities of the society “.

As a third point, the AKEL Secretary General referred to the vaccines, saying that one is the supply from the EU, and the other is the complementary procedures that each state will have to follow to solve the problems.

“We demand that there be full transparency in the procedures followed and that responsibilities be assigned where and where they belong.” He added that the government needs to turn to other markets – which I understand are in the process of being approved by the EU. We should be able to order so that once they are approved, people can move freely throughout the EU, concluded Mr. Kyprianou.

Farming sector

“Our view is that the state should pay special attention to the agricultural sector. It is a sector that, unfortunately, is constantly declining. It needs strong support from the state to be able to deal with the difficulties that have arisen, especially now with the “You realize that the consequences for the agricultural sector are huge,” he said.

He noted that intense efforts should be made so that this year we have as many tourists as possible.

“Otherwise, the problems faced by the agricultural sector last year will be many this year. At the same time, we believe that the effort made by EKA and other agricultural organizations to support the commercial part of the Cooperation should be supported. “A sector that is very supportive of the agricultural sector. And to ensure that brokerage is reduced so that producers have the income that is commensurate with the effort they put in.”

Mr. Kyprianou added that “apart from these general principles, let me say that we have heard some problems that exist in this area. I think the road needs to be repaired because it causes various accidents. And also complaints are expressed about the cost of rent by the Municipality “An issue that we will discuss with the Municipality of Nicosia”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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