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The Giorkatzi list returns to Parliament on January 28

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The Giorkatzi list returns to Parliament on January 28

Despite the warning of a state official and a member of parliament that they will appeal to Justice in case the Giorkatzi list is made public, the issue will be put to a vote again in the Plenary Session of the Parliament on January 28.

The two mentioned in the list, also sent their warning in writing, which is why the Speaker of the Parliament, Adamos Adamou, considered that the approval of the Parliament is required for the publication of the list. It was originally scheduled for approval next Thursday but due to the budget debate it was postponed to next Thursday.

The publication of the list was decided during the presidency of the resigned Dimitris Syllouris, while he also performed the duties of president of the Republic, in the absence of Nikos Anastasiadis. Due to this fact, the bills that were passed on the specific date (on which the Plenary approval for the publication of the list was given) were considered to have “fallen”. The bills were passed in plenary the next time the House met, but off the list.


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The hot list, which consists of about 30 pages, also includes the names of about 17 politically exposed persons (PEPs) who have red loans and their publication is expected with great interest. Some whose names are already on the list have already made public the reasons why they are on the list. In fact, some cases (eg credit cards) were considered justified because, like thousands of other citizens, they had cards with which they made purchases on credit, without implying that they would not meet their obligations or that they were favored. The deputies were informed from within (during the presidency of Syllouris) when they rushed to clarify their position on their own.

Of course, due to the reactions from those affected, it is obvious that some were treated favorably in handling their loans, something that will be revealed with the publication of the list.

As to whether the list can be made public, the Parliament requested the opinion of three lawyers (Angelidis, Triantaphyllidis, Emilianidis).

The Speaker of the Parliament, Adamos Adamou, when asked about this by “F”, limited himself to stating that he wants to be consistent with what he says and added that the list will be made public. He explained that the position expressed by almost all parties also facilitates him.

Source: www.philenews.com

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