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The glass for POED overflowed – Teachers are voting today for measures

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The glass for POED overflowed - Teachers vote today for measures

The extraordinary Pancyprian General Assemblies of POED are being held today, Saturday, January 15, where a vote will be held among the members of the Organization, in order to authorize the Board. to take possible reactionary measures, not excluding strikes, when necessary, treatment of Pre-Primary, Special and Primary Education ”.

Voting will take place from 10:00 to 16:00.

According to POED, the voting will take place in the following centers: Event Hall, POED Head Office, 184 Kyrenias Avenue, Aglantzia, K 'Elementary School of Limassol – Agios Panteleimon, Limassol, Elementary School of Drosia K.B. Larnaca, Primary School of Paralimni, Primary School of Paphos ΙΒ '- “Pefkios Georgiadis”, Primary School of Astromeriti.

The members of the Organization can vote in any polling station.

After the relevant approval by the Ministry of Health, provision will be made for all the relevant protocols of the Ministry of Health for the coronavirus to be applied during the voting process.

For this purpose, at the entrance and inside each center there will be the possibility to use antiseptic, when entering the area will be thermometed, the distances provided by the relevant instructions will be observed, all those entering the area of the polling station must wear mask and present Safe Pass, to exercise the right to vote will be given a pen by the Electoral Commission for each voter, the voting booths will be open.

The POED invites the school units to inform the teachers about the holding of the General Assemblies and to read the relevant resolution in the teaching associations.

An online general information meeting will be held on Friday, January 14, at 16:00, via Teams.

The resolution

The resolution, according to an announcement of the POED, to which the members of the Organization must answer Yes or No, is as follows:

“I was informed about the serious problems created by the lack of protection measures taken against the Covid-19 pandemic, in school units, as well as the unjustified and unjustified different treatment of Primary, Special and Primary Education. As a result of the above, there is insufficient safety of children, teachers and staff within the school units, especially in times of outbreak of the Pandemic “.

It is reported that the Ministry of Education has the sole responsibility for safety and health issues in the school units, which should and must manage them more directly and effectively.

“I authorize the Board of Directors of POED. to: 1. Prevent any unsubstantiated separation between Special, Pre-Primary and Primary Education, 2. Claim the assurance of safety and health conditions in our school units, 3. Demand their proper and smooth operation, by all legal means that it deems appropriate “deliberately, not excluding the strike measures”, the resolution concludes.

Source: KYPE

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