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The Government and EAC trade unions close their differences without excluding measures

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Within the current week, a meeting is expected between the EAC trade unions and the Government regarding the demands of the organization's workers, EPOPAI President Kyriakos Tafounas told KYPE, adding that the adoption of new measures by workers is not excluded in the event of no agreement being reached .

As Mr. Tafounas mentioned, the guilds expect to be called to a meeting with the Government in the hope that this will happen within the week, since they had already announced before the holidays that it was an opportunity to use these two weeks to take place necessary dialogue in order to achieve some conclusion to the issues raised by the employees.

“At present such a meeting has not yet been determined. There was a phone call with Mr. Kousios last Wednesday in which he asked for some more time to prepare. From our point of view it was clear that it would be right to have the meetings within this week to see where we are going,” he added.

Regarding possible concern about the ongoing delay, Mr. Tafounas said that this delay should not occur since the issues are well known, whether they concern the staffing of the organization, or the future of the station in Dekelia, or even the renewable energy sources, where after CERA's decision before the summer to completely exclude the EAC, there were some developments where it was implied that the EAC could, with proper planning, proceed.

“Unfortunately, from information that we have the position of the Ministry and the promotion of at least the ten-year program prepared by the EAC in terms of activity in RES has gone to CERA through the Ministry with two conditions, which essentially leave no room, at least soon, for the EAC to be active in it the sector”, he added on

He added that one of the conditions is that there should be a withdrawal of conventional production at the same time as any activity in RES, which the EAC considers impossible, noting that the Ministry has already asked the EU to extend the six old Dekelia units until 2029 , while the second term has to do with any eventual development required in the networks, which have nothing to do with production.

“We consider that these two terms refer the issue to the Greek calendars, while there are applications to CERA from the EAC side through the tender announced by the former for finding land for RES use purposes which have remained stagnant and if they proceed they can be joined immediately in the network in areas where there is flexibility”, he underlined in this regard.

In response to a question about the possibility of new mobilizations on the part of EAC workers in the event of no agreement being reached at the upcoming meeting, the President of EPOPAI said that the workers had suspends the measures in view of an initiative taken to make the right decisions regarding the sector and in particular for issues that have to do with the proper operation of the EAC, but also the costs borne by the consumer.

“I will not rule out the possibility of reinstating the measures if and as long as there are no correct decisions in the coming period”, concluded Mr. Tafounas.

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