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The government buys 36 thousand tons of grain

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The government will buy grain stocks, a total of 36 thousand tons of barley and corn for 30 days in two shipments, to address the problem of increases and shortages of grain from the market.

As stated by the Minister of Agriculture Costas Kadis speaking at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, the Ministry will then cooperate with transparent procedures with importers on how to manage these strategic stocks.

As he said, a relevant proposal will be submitted to the next session of the Council of Ministers. The total cost for this action that will be done preventively by the state, as he mentioned, will have a total cost of 12.5 million euros. The first concern of the state, he said, should be to ensure adequacy.

The Minister of Agriculture also stated that an order will be issued for the maintenance of strategic stocks by importers at a rate of 4% before the end of March .

He estimated that based on the loads ordered, there will be enough until April 15 in feed and 3.5 months in flour.

He also noted that interventions have been made in the EU and that the Commission is expected to set up a framework for livestock support, which the state intends to use.

on behalf of the Ministry so that we have the stocks as soon as possible.

Answering questions after the meeting of the Commission, he said that there is a plan for where these quantities will come from and will be addressed to specific large traders. If we leave the EU, he said, the next big market is the US.

He expressed optimism that with the actions taken there will be the required stocks and the next step should be the support of farmers. At the same time, he noted that the problem is not only facing Cyprus, but is a global problem due in large part to the war in Ukraine.

For her part, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Natasa Pileidou, said that a mechanism should be found to support the affected parties to ensure that there will be no scandal to the detriment of the taxpayer and on the other hand to support the right groups of entrepreneurs.

The Minister of Energy regarding the issue of imposing a ceiling on cereals expressed the assessment that this will be limited to human consumption, while expressing doubt whether it is the appropriate tool.

He also said that mechanisms will be developed to support breeders, which may be a better measure than the ceiling in order to avoid phenomena such as the creation of a black market and not to have an impact on the market. He added that the position of the President of the Republic in Friday's meeting was that the plans should avoid the possibility of notoriety.

Dramatic calls from producers and importers

During the meeting of the Commission, farmers and importers of cereals sounded the alarm about the issue of cereals adequacy, while they asked for state support measures.

On behalf of the sheep and goats, Sotiris Kadis stated that from day to day there will be no food to feed their animals, while Christodoulos Fotiou on behalf of the pig association said that the continuous supply of grain should be given otherwise many units are in danger of closing .

On behalf of the Pancyprian Association of Poultry Breeders, Mr. Mintikkis stated that the problem of finding feed is much bigger than it seems. Producers, he said, are ready to pay whatever price is asked of them so that they do not lose their livelihoods. position than ever, while even grains to be available at the prices at which they are available will not be able to be bought by producers.

The position of the flour manufacturers was expressed that very soon there will be shortages for human consumption

On behalf of the Feed Association, George Tsappis said that the move of the Ministry to bring grain is in the right direction, expressing the view that it should immediately proceed with the order, so that they can come in a month.

On behalf of the grain traders, George Katodrytis, stated that at these prices he does not know if the producers can buy the grain and will need a subsidy of around 50 to 100 euros per ton. He also expressed the assessment that the Ministry should go to the American markets as it will not be possible to find in Europe.

Also on behalf of the grain importers, Costas Konstantinou said that if the procedures are not accelerated, Cyprus will run out of grain and that no more valuable time should be wasted. At the same time, he said that the Minister's decree on the maintenance of grain stocks is not applicable at the moment.


The Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, AKEL MP Giannakis Gabriel, speaking about a very frightening situation, asked the Minister to find a solution yesterday, while noting that if the legislation passed on strategic reserves was implemented, could the state use them today. & nbsp; Today, he said, the Minister is talking about adequacy, not strategic stocks, so there are no stocks.

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