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The Government insists on tax incentives

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The Government insists on tax incentives

The Ministry of Finance is not backing down from the tax incentives that will be granted to property owners who will voluntarily reduce the rents of their rental properties, despite the opposition's insistence on a direct rent subsidy from the state or on cost sharing. of the rent between the landlord, the government and the tenant.

Yesterday, the bills that provide for the extension of tax incentives to owners who rent real estate in companies affected by the restrictive measures taken to curb the coronavirus were discussed for the second time, with the aim of making a voluntary reduction of rents within the first half of 2021. concerns a tax credit that will be granted to property owners and will be equal to 50% of the reduction that will be granted to the rent and must be between 30% to 50%.

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The rent discount should be for a period of one to 3 months. The second bill concerns the exemption from the extraordinary defense contribution to landlords who make a voluntary rent reduction. Before the Commission, the representative of the Ministry of Finance stated that the ministry did not change its position in relation to the bills. A representative of POVEK expressed his disagreement with the bills, insisting on the suggestion of sharing the rent costs. He also noted that during the first wave of the pandemic, the measure was not used by many property owners, as it is a voluntary measure.

The chairwoman of the Finance Committee and DIKO MP Christiana Erotokritou, stated that the Government insists on its proposal on the issue of rents, adding that DIKO insists and considers that these measures are ineffective and the Government should directly subsidize both rents. particularly companies affected by the pandemic, as well as their operating costs.

Source: www.philenews.com

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