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The Government is launching two online platforms for young people – How the President answered questions from young people

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The President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, participated today in the Youth Debate – “Young People Ask” Program of the Bank of Cyprus, at the Bank's Head Offices.

The debate was attended by representatives of public high schools from all over Cyprus as well as private schools.

Among the topics that occupied the debate were the Cyprus problem, the labor market, the fight against corruption, education, Energy, dealing with punctuality and housing.

Speaking to the young people, President Christodoulidis said, among other things, that “as a Government in the near future – because we sincerely believe in participatory democracy and that you must have a say and a role – we are launching two electronic platforms.

The one is non-binding referendums where we will put the question to the Cypriot society in general about issues that concern the society, for example, the proposal we will submit to the legislative authority to lower the age limit for participation in elections.

We also have oneanother platform especially for you young people called 'Expression' and we will answer your questions and suggestions as an executive power and once a month we will go online either I or the Ministers to answer questions. This will be done on a permanent basis”.

He added that today's discussion is a rehearsal for what is to come in relation to electronic platforms. Asked what is the legacy that a young person inherits in relation to the Cyprus issue and what can he hope for in order to solve the problem, the President of the Republic said, among other things, that what we are living today is not normality, noting that unlike the perception of some, young people are very interested in the Cyprus issue.

He added that “when you are in a position of power and you were chosen by the Cypriot people, the decisions you make must – don't think only about the term, the five or ten years you will be President – be such that you are useful for your country and its future. We have to convince our society and I try very hard to do that through my statements and interventions. There is a wrong impression in our country. What we see today is getting worse every day. New fait accompli are being created, it is much more difficult to achieve our goal which is the reunification of Cyprus”.

He also said that by dividing our country we cannot take advantage of the many possibilities that our country has, while a reunited Cyprus will make the most of these possibilities.
“There are no frozen conflicts. You see what is happening in our area. So, there is no choice but to do everything possible to reunite Cyprus. And you young people have an important role to play,” said President Christodoulidis, pointing out that he believes a solution can be reached.

In another question, he said that the Government's priority is issues in which the new generation has concerns, such as Climate Change, work issues and housing. He also pointed out that education should be linked to the issues of the labor market and that young people should be directed to professions with a future in Cyprus.

Asked about the issues of fighting corruption, but also of speedy administration of justice, President Christodoulidis said, among other things, that my most important advantage is that I am a party orphan. For the first time, someone was elected to the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus without the support of one of the two largest parties. At the same time, this is also my great weakness because when you are a party orphan you are considered to be more vulnerable, although I don't feel that way. So I have no qualms about going forward with these issues. I am sure that the initiatives we will implement will cause many reactions and discussions”.

In another question, he noted that Education and Health are the most important sectors, pointing out at the same time that Education affects all sectors. He added that bold reforms should be made, however, where there is a problem corrective moves should be made.

Asked if the issue of Energy can play a decisive role in the resolution of the Cyprus issue, the President of the Republic answered in the affirmative, adding that “Turkey, which holds the key to the solution of the Cyprus issue, will not proceed with the solution because it will recognize the illegality of its occupation or the violation of human rights. Turkey will consider proceeding with the solution only if it realizes that the benefits that may arise from the solution are more important than the benefits it has with the current state of affairs. And the natural gas factor and other factors, such as the EU, is something that can lead a logically thinking Turkey to realize the benefits through an eventual solution of the Cyprus issue. So, the Energy sector is decisive in solving the Cyprus problem”.

When asked about the issue of accuracy, the President of the Republic said that the economy of Cyprus, which is a small country, depends to a large extent on external factors, adding that inflationary trends are due to factors such as wars in the region, the coronavirus pandemic, and others, and pointing out that the goal is to make the economy less vulnerable to external factors, expanding the productive sectors and human resources.

He also referred to the two packages of support measures to alleviate the problems in households and businesses resulting from inflationary trends.

Finally, President Christodoulidis told the students that the decisions taken by the Government directly concern the youth and, therefore, they must claim the role they assigns them to have a say in social events, assuring that all members of the Council of Ministers are at the disposal of young people for the organization of thematic debates on the issues that concern young people.

Source: www.philenews.com

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