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The Government is taking action on the incident in Rizokarpasos

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Αναλαμβνει δρ ση η Κυβερνηση για το επεισoδιο &sigma το Ριζοκαρπασο

The Government will take all the necessary actions as soon as possible in relation to the issue of the incident in Rizokarpasos, said today the Government Spokesman Mr. Konstantinos Letymiotis.

In his statements to the journalists, at the Presidential Palace, after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Representative, asked about the actions of the Turks in Rizokarpasos and about the reaction of the Government, said that “the actions of the Government were immediate from the beginning, we have been informed, all the evidence is being investigated and we will take all the necessary actions as soon as possible.”

Asked to comment on information about a new incident with the occupying army in Achna, the Spokesperson said that “any information is being investigated to see if it is true”.

When asked if there is anything new on the issue of Pyla, the Spokesperson answered in the negative, adding that “we are in contact with the peacekeeping force at every opportunity and we repeat what we said from the beginning that the full implementation of all the provisions of the Meeting is for the benefit of both communities”.

When asked if Ms. Holgin has spoken about the Understanding during her contacts, the Spokesperson said   that “Ms. Holgin's contacts were more to inform about the positions of both sides. We look forward to March 11, which will be the first meeting with the President to further discuss the issues. It is a matter that the President of the Republic, himself personally, has conveyed and has positioned himself repeatedly for the benefit that will result from the implementation of the Understanding”. in London and other European cities, the Spokesperson said that “it was something that was in the thoughts of Ms. Holgin, whose program is officially announced by the United Nations, but in the context of her contacts there was this intention on her part.”  

Source: www.philenews.com

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