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The government responds to AKEL with a receipt for the contribution

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The government responds to AKEL with a receipt for the contribution

The opposition against the government – AKEL for corruption continues with intense rhythms, with new consecutive episodes and a war of announcements.

With a new announcement and attaching a receipt from AKEL for the sum of 100 thousand euros from “anonymous”, the government representative in the Left party answers.

The government responds to AKEL with a receipt for the contribution

Specifically, in a new announcement, Mr. Kousios states that: “AKEL continues to insist on making the same unsubstantiated allegations, reinforcing the gossip and unsubstantiated statements and publications. Let me remind AKEL that its involvement in corruption has evidence and names that belong to AKEL.

It is AKEL that received anonymous contributions through entanglement and they are friends of AKEL who denounced it and at the same time proved what its principles and ethos are.

I enclose the receipt from AKEL, from “anonymous”, the amount of 100 thousand euros.

Let me remind you, as far as the references to the problems of unemployment, insecurity, non-performing loans and others are concerned, that AKEL chooses to forget the percentage of unemployment left by its government and the economic catastrophe that it brought to the place, as it also chooses to forgets the economic miracle achieved by the Anastasiadis Government through the ruins and ashes left by the AKEL government.

Our people well remember the works and the days of each government and that is why they trusted the presidency of our country, for the second time to Nikos Anastasiadis, because they recognized and recognize that he is the leader who can bring the country out of the crisis and give solutions even during the most critical periods, such as the period we are experiencing with the pandemic and its consequences.

“Soon, with the prudent and tested government of President Anastasiadis and with the efforts of our people, the positive results will be seen”.

Earlier, AKEL, with a new announcement, had responded to the government, for the self-evident institutional entanglement of Mr. Anastasiadis, claiming that the answer of the government representative “if it was not tragic, it would be funny”.

In a relevant statement, AKEL accused the government that “when the Republic of Cyprus is dragged internationally because a President of the Republic (who declares himself innocent and undefiled) becomes a promoter and seller of gold passports and they do not find a word to respond to the substantiated allegations in Cyprus. and abroad, then citizens can not expect the government of glass towers and lifestyle to listen, let alone provide solutions to the problems of unemployment, insecurity, non-performing loans, rents and sales.

“Nor can a government that is part of the problem itself provide a solution to the problem of institutional entanglement and corruption.”

Earlier, the Government Spokesman claimed that “AKEL, making the same unsubstantiated allegations, continues to attack the Government and the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, in an attempt to disorient public opinion from its own deep and deep roots.”

In a written statement today, Mr. Kousios states that “we have all witnessed with sound and image, the involvement of a senior executive, MP and sponsor of AKEL, in the video of Al Jazeera”.

“It is also well known that AKEL executives have been convicted of corruption and other offenses by the courts,” he added.

The Representative finally calls on AKEL “to focus on its own, substantiated by court rulings, sound and image, heavy responsibilities and involvement in corruption”, as he states, “and let it finally leave the unsubstantiated allegations, whispers and insults ».

It is recalled that previously AKEL claimed that the institutional entanglement of Mr. Anastasiadis is self-evident .

Specifically in a statement of Aristos Damianos, member of P.G. AKEL and MP of the party states that: “AKEL for years has been criticizing actions and decisions of President Anastasiadis and the Council of Ministers, which constitute an institutional entanglement. Therefore, apart from refutations of what Andreas Paraschos wrote on the substance, the institutional entanglement of Mr. Anastasiadis is self-evident because:

1. As President of the Republic, he authorized his Council of Ministers to approve applications for exceptional naturalizations made by the law firm he had established. As a result of these decisions of the Minister, people from his immediate family environment and former associates of Mr. Anastasiadis received financial benefits.

2. As President of the Republic, he traveled free of charge with private jets of big businessmen and therefore received a gift in kind valued in money as defined by international conventions. In fact, the Saudi businessman, with whom the jet traveled to the Seychelles, then received dozens of passports with exceptional naturalizations, possibly illegally in some cases.

3. As President of the Republic, he proposed and agreed with the haircut of deposits, at a time when members of his immediate family environment, under conditions of possible privileged information, took tens of millions out of Cyprus and escaped from the haircut of deposits.

This is the definition of institutional entanglement. These and many more expose the Republic of Cyprus internationally and tarnish the name of our homeland. “These and many more have led world-class organizations to rank Cyprus as the country with the largest increase in corruption since Mr. Anastasiadis and DISY came to power.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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