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The Government wants education that will form integrated citizens, said the Ministry of Education

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    Η ΚυβΕρνηση θΕλε ι παιδεΙα που θα διαπλΑθει ολοκλ ηρωμΕνους πολΙτες, εΙπε η ΥΠΑΝ

    “We want to strengthen the teachers in their daily, demanding effort to serve, as the State entrusted to them, the education of the country”

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    The Government wants an education that will continue to form literate and integrated citizens, who will fight for the preservation of the identity, the language, the principles and values ​​of the Cypriot people and the values ​​of love and solidarity, will highlight the value of personal abilities of each child individually and which will lead to a free, reunited and prosperous Cyprus, said on Tuesday afternoon, the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Athina Michailidou.

    In her greeting at the event < /strong>of the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus for the Feast of the Three Hierarchs and the Day of Greek Letters, the Minister of Education said that the Three Hierarchs are bright examples for everyone, in the effort to realize the vision for quality upgrading of the country's education and for a more human-centered education system.

    She noted that in an era of rapid developments and multiple challenges,“we want to strengthen the teachers in their daily, demanding effort to serve, as the State entrusted to them, the education of the country”.

    He added that “we want to give our children, in addition to the necessary skills and all the mental resources that will help them face the challenges they will encounter and chart their own path, for the benefit of themselves, society and their country”.

    Subsequently, he stated that the establishment of the celebration of the Day of Greek Letters with these three Great Fathers of the Church highlights the closely intertwined course of their lives and work with the promotion of letters and education.

    He added. that the Three Hierarchs, inspired teachers, preachers of love, missionaries and loving shepherds of the people, sought and achieved the convergence of ancient Greek literature and philosophy with the Christian faith and stated that the impressive size in extent and the quality of their work, harmoniously connects the ancient with the Christian world, thus composing the Greco-Christian culture.

    He further observed that for the Three Hierarchs education is a virtue and must fulfill its supreme purpose of nurturing and human education, the acquisition and beneficial transmission of knowledge wherever it originates, the cultivation of critical thinking, the broadening of intellectual horizons, as well as personal and social appreciation.

    There are many things that can to refer to the life and invaluable contribution of the Three Hierarchs, as Ecumenical Teachers, he added.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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