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The guilds are working for surpluses in KEDIPES

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The guilds are working for surpluses in KEDIPES

Theano Thiopoulou

The dialogue and the consultations of the management of KEDIPES with the unions ETYK, SEK and PEO will determine what will be born with the surpluses of the staff after the failure of the voluntary exit plan. Out of the 100-130 people that the administration expected to leave, only 58 employees chose the plan.

Yesterday, the letters were sent to the three unions informing that the administration of KEDIPES will proceed with surpluses based on the current legislation. However, it is a process in which the competent department of the Ministry of Labor will be involved and the scenario is expected to be clarified if not at the end of the year, beginning of 2022. The management of KEDIPES from 12 August 2021 had informed the trade unions that any failure put the redundancy process on the table.


Voluntary exit plan for KEDIPES soon YPOIK: Those who remain KEDIPES will not go public

Yesterday, the announcement of the results by KEDIPES came out that the goal for reduction of the salary costs is still far away. According to the announcement of KEDIPES “unfortunately the goal of the SEA (voluntary departure plan) to reduce the staff of KEDIPES by 100 – 130 people was not achieved. The needs of the company's staff based on its business plan amount to about 260 people “. After the completion of the plan and the actions concerning the staff of Altamira Asset Management (AAM), the staff of KEDIPES amounts to 362 people. In fact, 100 people are left in KEDIPES above the target set by the state entity.


Source: www.philenews.com

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