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The head of “Famagusta-For Cyprus” explains to “P” why Achilleas Dimitriadis in the presidential elections

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The destruction of Cyprus can not be an option, no matter how much we are, perhaps, in the most difficult stage of the historical route of the Cyprus problem, says the head of the Initiative “Famagusta & # 8211; For Cyprus “, Pieros Karoullas. At the same time, he passionately supports the position that the young people of the place should deal with the Cyprus issue, otherwise it is like “accepting the destruction of our country”, as he notes.

It is, indeed, very encouraging and hopeful to hear today young people talking about the Cyprus of tomorrow and to have a vision in their quiver and not slogans. Pieros Karoullas explains this vision, which is also going through the upcoming presidential elections, to “P”. And it answers the main and crucial question: Why Achilles Demitriadis?

Easily received from “Famagusta & # 8211; For Cyprus “the decision to support Achilleas Dimitriadis in the upcoming presidential elections?

Obviously, the detailed program of Achilleas Dimitriadis largely reflects the positions and ideas of our party. Par & # 8217; All this, a process of meetings with various parties and other candidates was followed, so that we have a more complete picture of the situation. We met several times as a Politburo, we studied all the cases, we discussed. Achilleas Dimitriadis, not only is not connected with the tragic results we face today, but he has clear positions and a plan for how to overcome any problems and any evils.

What he measured, first of all, for you to make that decision?

A candidate for President of the Republic is judged first of all by the program he submits to the people, how clear it is and how many ambiguities he has, but he is also judged by whether or not his actions in public life confirm the positions he submits. In both of these criteria, Achilleas Dimitriadis was the one who covered us the most. Both his program, which is satisfactorily clear without leaving room for “interest” ambiguities, and his action, from a professional dimension, guarantee that he fights for what he believes.

“The most suitable choice for a modern European and green Cyprus, from Akamas to Rizokarpaso, is that of Achilleas Dimitriadis,” you said, announcing your support for the Presidential candidate. In six words you said it all which in your opinion justifies the expression of support for Mr. Dimitriadis .

For us, the problems of Cyprus are all interconnected. You can not just deal with the Cyprus issue and put aside the fact that households can no longer cope (and vice versa). You can not try to modernize the state and fight corruption, while at the same time neglecting the environment and its destruction for the sake of interests. Think of Cyprus as a boat with many holes. You can not close a hole and you're done. ALL holes must be closed. It may sound utopian or impossible, but our other choice is to lose our future and our place. That is why we must try with all the means at our disposal. And a boat can not sail halfway. It must be complete.

Your positions and suggestions were accepted by Mr. Demitriadis and will be included in his program, the axes of which are already known?

In our meetings with Mr. Dimitriadis we stressed to him what issues we want to emphasize and some other details in his program. He was very open to our suggestions. After all, when the approach is the same, there can be no serious problems.

Varosi, for A. Demitriadis, “is the beacon of solution, because if Cyprus goes out, it will fall into “your bifurcated rocks,” he told you. Didn't others tell you that before, Mr. Karoulla? Aren't you “fed up” with words?

It does not matter what someone says or how many times we hear it. It matters who says it. Mr. Achilleas Dimitriadis with his actions showed us that he is not afraid to clash with the unjust, and this is very important for us. Mr. Dimitriadis has proved for years that he is at the forefront of the assertive struggle for reunification and prevention of division.

Where does the truth begin and where does the exaggeration in such statements end?

Exaggeration is perceived when there is chaos between what is expressed in your actions. You can not, for example, submit as a candidate proposals for unlocking the Cyprus problem, while during your ministry you did not take any steps in this direction.

Supporting a candidate who has one or more behind him more parties, would not have the appropriate prospects for the implementation of its commitments to Famagusta?

With the specific candidates, we consider that no. In words everyone is good. But the important thing is the deeds. And the candidates who also have the support of parties, for us are of the commitments and not of the implementations. Especially when they belonged to the previous government. What to expect from a candidate who was a member of the government and Foreign Minister and whose actions (or omissions) led to the accomplishments we see in Famagusta?

What should be done to unlock the resolution effort? of the Cyprus problem? Can the presidential election become a lever of pressure on candidates?

Unfortunately, we see that the Cyprus issue is no longer the major issue on the pre-election agenda of all candidates. It has deteriorated, and I think that is very dangerous for the future of our country. I hope that the elections will become a lever of pressure. The new energy crisis that has emerged, as well as the Europe-Turkey relations, are two pillars with which we can have positive developments regarding the Cyprus issue. The Republic of Cyprus can focus on a positive agenda that will help restore a better climate for talks.

As a Famagusta resident, what did you expect to happen in the last ten years for your city and it did not happen? What disappointed you the most?

As a Famagusta man, I expected what every Cypriot expected: a plan and an interest for the other half of our place. Famagusta belongs not only to the people of Famagusta, but to all of us…

The destruction of our country can not be an option!

Despite your young age, you are leading a party, a movement, with the heavy task of keeping alive the hope of returning to Famagusta, alive the hope of a solution and the reunification of our homeland. Half a century later, are we “chasing chimeras”?

Young people need to be interested in the public, because any decisions made today have a direct impact on our future, and the future of the younger generations. Of course & # 8211; as in all aspects of life – to the extent that everyone considers it right.

We envision a homeland reunited for all its citizens, regardless of religion or ideology, who can move freely without restrictions, roadblocks and controls. We envision a rule of law, a state that promotes equality, equal access to opportunities for all citizens, regardless of race, color, ethnic origin, social origin, language, religion, beliefs, political views, education, financial status, sexual orientation or gender. We envision the future of our children auspicious, peaceful and hopeful, without any insecurity and fear of war.

My approach is that we must not lay down our arms. Yes, we are perhaps in the most difficult stage of the historical course of the Cyprus problem, but if we, the younger ones, do not deal with the problem, then it is as if we accept the destruction of our country. This can not be an option!

Source: politis.com.cy

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