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The head of Qantas leaves in the shadow of scandals

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Alan Joyce's stewardship of Australia's national carrier has sparked outrage across the country

O επικεφαλorς της Qantas αποχω&rho

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The head of Australia's national carrier, Qantas, Alan Joyce, has announced that he is leaving two months earlier than planned, amid scandals and intensifying controversy.

A. Joyce was due to leave next November, after 15 years as CEO. Finally, he announced that he would be leaving early.

In justifying his decision, he said recent viewing of “past events” made it clear that this was “the best thing” he could do.

Rage in Australia

The way Joyce has run the company has sparked outrage in Australia, with many believing he has raked in record profits at the expense of passengers and workers.

Chief financial officer Vanessa Hudson will become the first woman to take the helm at Qantas as she is expected to succeed Joyce, taking up the role on Wednesday.

Qantas has faced a barrage of criticism over the past two years for expensive airline tickets, massive delays and cancellations, and how it treats workers.

Legal fronts

O επικεφαλorσ τη&sigma ; Qantas αποχωρεΙ στη σκιΑ σκανδΑλων

A week after Qantas reported record profits of A$2.5 billion, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced it was taking legal action against it amid complaints that he had sold tickets for thousands of flights he had already cancelled.

The national carrier has other legal fronts open. It is accused of illegally outsourcing services that affected thousands of jobs during the pandemic.

In addition, it faces a class-action lawsuit from customers, alleging “an inflexible flight credit program” that covers refunds or compensation. .

Shareholders are under a lot of pressure, as many bodies, citizens and MPs are calling for a vote against Joyce's final compensation package, which is said to be up to A$24 million.

Eggs and… lemon pie

In a statement on Tuesday, Joyce said there was much he was proud of about his tenure at Qantas, but now “the priority is renewal” of the carrier.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs and clearly there is a lot of work to be done, especially to ensure that we always deliver to our customers. But I leave knowing that the company is fundamentally strong and has a bright future,” he said.

Eggs and toilet paper were thrown at Joyce's Sydney mansion at the height of the recent airport chaos. In 2017, he had lemon pies thrown at him over his public support for same-sex marriage.

Qantas chairman Richard Gowder paid tribute to Joyce, saying he had “always worked in the interests of Qantas”.

Hudson, for its part, has stated that restoring the national carrier's reputation is its top priority.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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