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The heart and soul of Megabet Plus are Cypriot

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Giorgos Halloumis: The company's plans include continuous expansion in Cyprus and beyond

Η καρδικαι η ψυχor της Megabet Plus &epsilon ;ναι κυπριακς

In the photo, the Chief Human Resources Officer of Megabet Plus Giorgos Halloumis, with the CEO of the company, Dominique Laconico.

Η καρδικαι η ψ&upsilon ;χor της Megabet Plus εiναι κυπριακeς

By Panagiotis Rougalas

The combination of knowledge of the local market and knowledge of the international market is the factor that differentiates and manages to offer a unique betting experience, the Chief Human Resources Officer, Giorgos Halloumis notes to “K”.

In an interview, the Chief Human Resources Officer states that at the moment Megabet Plus employs more than 460 employees, both in their headquarters and in their betting agencies throughout the island.

I believe that innovation and continuous improvement play an important role in success.

Finally, Mr. Halloumis underlines that the company constantly invests in technology and is constantly looking for new ways of development, adding new products and services that are important for their customers.

– What is the position of Megabet Plus in the domestic betting market? What are your goals?

– Megabet Plus has more than 30 years of existence in Cyprus. What started as a chain of small betting agencies has grown into a recognizable brand in all the towns and villages of Cyprus, as well as on the internet. Today we are pleased to proudly announce that Megabet Plus provides the most comprehensive betting experience to its players, both in its physical stores and on its website and application, with matches and options not available in the Cypriot market until now.

It is safe to say that Megabet Plus is first in the Cypriot player's preference, not only because its heart and soul are Cypriot, but because our customer-centric approach at all stages of our services makes us a reliable choice in the betting business of Cypriots. This trust shown to us by the Cypriot player is definitely the driving force for us to evolve, using – as we already do – the best practices and technology that we fish from abroad and also to remain at the top that ranked us. We constantly participate in international conferences, seminars and expos related to gaming. The combination of the knowledge of the local market and the knowledge of the international market is the factor that differentiates us and we manage to offer a unique betting experience to our players.

But beyond the evolution of processes and technology, in the plans to us is also our continuous expansion in Cyprus and beyond. We are confident and believe in our products, services and management.

– In terms of human resources, how many employees does Megabet Plus currently employ? ; What are the difficulties in finding talent in such a competitive sector as betting?

– At the moment Megabet Plus employs more than 460 employees, both in the head office and in the betting agencies us all over the island. My background in Human Resources has taught me that the strength of an organization lies in its people.

At Megabet Plus we constantly invest in staff. As I mentioned above, we constantly go with our team to international conferences, seminars and expos for our field. We are constantly seeking knowledge for ourselves and our employees. We place special emphasis on the uniqueness of each employee, so that we can allow them to bring out their best selves and develop in the right direction. A healthy work environment promotes teamwork while also attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent.

Anyone who wants to work in a forward-thinking organization, Megabet Plus is definitely the right destination.

Continuous training

< - Megabet Plus has an extensive network of agencies throughout Cyprus. What are the challenges in managing and growing this network?

– You realize that each of our agents has different needs, a different audience and a different approach to their players. Each of our agencies is unique, however we ensure that the Megabet Plus experience is the same everywhere! A player walking into an agency in Limassol and then the same player walking into an agency in Nicosia will have the same Megabet Plus quality betting experience. Whether it is a physical agency, our website or our app, Megabet Plus offers the same quality and enjoyable experience.

At Megabet Plus we are constantly investing in technology and are constantly looking for new ways to develop, add new products and services that matter to our customers and we will continue to do so. Our primary goal is to serve our customers. While technology is very important to us and our customers' satisfaction, ultimately each player's experience is our main concern.

I believe that innovation and continuous improvement play an important role in success. We improve our customers' online gaming experience to provide them with what they need or will need in the future. Our multi-dimensional approach keeps us constantly in touch with our clients' needs and we continue to strengthen this feature of our company.

As I mentioned above, our customer-centric approach and the continuous training of our staff, as well as the creation of a pleasant working environment, creates the right conditions for a multi-dimensional and pleasant gaming experience for our players, ensuring the safety of our customers at the same time.< /p>

We are at the forefront of security and technology. We store and protect the personal data of our thousands of customers with secure servers and customized solutions. We maintain military standard protocols and technology, which keep us at the forefront of IT security in Cyprus.

Taxes – contributions to the state

– Your company is one of the oldest in Cyprus, with many years of operation and development. Today, how do you perceive your role in society and what is your impact on the Cypriot economy?

– Megabet Plus, as a Cypriot company, has from the beginning committed to give back to society through the extensive Corporate Social Responsibility Program at national and local level. We hold a blood drive every year in all our stores and offices, participate in clean-up initiatives in the communities where we are most active and have a network of charities to which we contribute on a regular basis.

At the same time, from the cycle of our work, 500 families receive income, while we work almost exclusively with Cypriot suppliers and companies. In addition, the state is supported with millions of euros in taxes and contributions from our activities, as recently announced by the National Betting Authority.

Megabet Plus is a Cypriot company, made up of Cypriots. Even the president and CEO of the company, Mr. Dominique Laconico, considers himself an “adopted” Cypriot and has stated so many times. Megabet Plus is a company that gives back to the society of Cyprus, thanking it in this infinitesimal way, for the fact that for so many years it has embraced it and considers it its own.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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