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The heatwaves interrupted delivery and reduced receipts by up to 80%

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How shops performed during the orange and red warnings

From the interruption of the delivery service, both food shops/cafes etc. were affected. as well as food ordering and delivery platforms.

A noticeable drop in store order volume was caused by high temperatures and work stoppages following warnings from the Department of Labor Inspection. Among the operations that were interrupted on hot days with the temperature reaching 45 degrees, were home deliveries, the well-known delivery.

In the case of the red warning, as well as the orange warning that had been announced for extremely high temperatures, the Labor Inspection Department (TEE) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance had announced the suspension of all outdoor heavy and moderate work and delivery services (with the use of two-wheeled vehicles). Let's remember that last summer we also saw this measure applied, in cases when the temperature was quite high. From the interruption of the delivery service, both food shops/cafes etc. were affected. as well as food ordering and delivery platforms. If anyone entered the order platforms during the delivery interruption in the previous days, namely from 12:00 to 16:00, they would have seen that there was a notification that no food and food deliveries were made.

The stores

Wanting to see how restaurants and cafes serving via delivery “saw” this announcement and how they adapted to the treaty, we contacted various restaurants and shops. The stores that were affected by the measure, worked as we were told either with service inside the premises or with collection from the store. “We definitely lost orders” during the hours when the delivery was interrupted was the answer, with the shop owners trying to adapt to this condition.

In particular, for the stores where the largest volume of orders is during the morning and midday hours, there was a noticeable decrease in the revenue of these days. Some stores reported seeing their receipts drop by as much as 80% compared to normal delivery days. Characteristically, Mr. Marios Constantinou, co-owner of Kawacom's Ipanema Espresso in Agios Dometios, told us that in his own shop they saw a reduction of more than 50% on the days when delivery was suspended. It is interesting that Mr. Constantinou also told us that he and the co-owner of the store delivered the orders with their own cars, in order to generate some income for the store, since their clientele is mainly through delivery, and given that picking up from the store was difficult for people. In addition, there was also a restaurant that told us that on the days when the home delivery operations were interrupted, its delivery functioned normally, since it is carried out by car. However, as we were told, delivery by car was not the easiest, as there were delays in delivery. Please note that the delivery interruption measure concerned the transportation of products and/or delivery of products using two-wheeled vehicles (e.g. motorcycle, moped, bicycle) or personal mobility devices (scooters, e-scooters). Therefore, the use of a car as delivery was allowed.

Another example of how the shops were affected, Mr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis, owner of Por Favor Mexican Restaurant, told us that since the stoppage of delivery, he lost approximately two monthly salaries of his employees. On the other hand, a restaurant-tavern told us that its lunchtime delivery only works on weekends, a fact that did not affect the restaurant, since the days when the interruption was announced were weekdays.

“Orders on firewith the end of the measure”

There were not a few cases where they told us that with the end of the measure, the orders in their stores “caught fire”, with people wanting to order immediately. It seems that the measure has affected the shops that offer coffee and other drinks the most, as well as those that offer food at lunchtime. What everyone we spoke to agreed upon is that this summer we will again see this type of measures to stop delivery services.

It is important to understand that on days when the temperatures are quite high, exceeding the normal for the season levels, everyone should be protected and measures taken by the State, especially for people who work outside, because serious health issues can be caused. This summer is already predicted to be quite warm, with the Department of Meteorology announcing recommendations.

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