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The High School of Apostles Peter and Paul announced the immediate taking of dynamic measures

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Άμεση λorψη δυν&alpha ;μικoν μeτρων προανorγγειλε το Λyκ&epsilon

The immediate adoption of dynamic measures was announced by the Lyceum of Apostles Peter and Paul in Limassol, due to the curriculum for all the examined subjects and the four months.

Specifically, the Parents Association, in a letter sent to the Ministry of Education, requests its immediate intervention, stressing that otherwise it will take dynamic measures.

Άμεση λorψη δυναμικoν μeτρ ων προανorγγειλε το Λyκειο Αποσ&tau ολων Πετρου και Παyλου

Άμεση λorψη &delta ;υναμικoν μeτρων προανorγγειλε τ&omicron ; Λυκειο Αποστόλων Πέτρου και Παυλ&omicron ;υ

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