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The Holguin descent is a positive first step, says Annita. “After years of stagnation, a new opportunity in Cyprus”

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    Θετικo πρoτο βorμ&alpha η καθοδος ΟλγκΙν, λεει ΑννΙτα. «Με&tau απo χρoνια στασιμoτητας, νeα ευκ αιρΙα στο Κυπριακο»

    The descent of Holgin is a positive first step, said the President of DISY – “What our country needs now, more than ever, is the correct handling of our national issue” he noted among other things

    The descent of the personal envoy of the UN Secretary General is a positive first step, said the President of DISY, Annita Dimitriou, in the memorial speech she delivered on Sunday in Pelendri in honor of the heroes of EOKA 1955-1959, Stylianos Lena, Sotiris Tsangaris and Dimitrakis Christodoulou.

    “The geopolitical facts< /strong> as they are taking shape and the challenges we are asked to face are far from favoring frozen conflicts. After so many years of stagnation, a new opportunity presents itself in the Cyprus“, said Mrs. Dimitriou .

    “We do not claim that simply by the descent of the Secretary-General's personal envoy, Turkey will remove its unacceptable threatening rhetoric or stop its continuous efforts to create new ones. But it is a positive first step, emphasized the President of DISY. And what our country needs now, more than ever, he added, “is the right handling of our national issueand the studied diplomatic moves, so as to show our determination and will for an overall fair settlement in the Cyprus issue, for the benefit of our entire people, always based on the agreed framework, the ILO with political equality and the UN resolutions. .

    Afterwards, Mrs. Dimitriou said that “collectivity and coordination of movements on behalf of all political forces are required, in order to reverse the narrative of Ankara which unfortunately artificially managed to pass to the international community, that we also have a responsibility, that no solution was reached in the Cyprus issue, as a result of which we are faced by the international factor with mistrust and the policy of equal distances”.

    It is now precisely that pivotal moment, he stressed, “when we must not get lost in the quarrels, expediencies and personal agendas, but indulge in an unprecedented diplomatic struggle, to take advantage of every opportunity, every ray of light. , looking for strong allies, in order to shape our strategy and go one step further, which will bring us closer to the liberation and reunification of our homeland.

    “We honor the struggle of EOKA and the Chief of Digeni. This for us at DISY is a continuous internal process of gratitude and baptism in the ideals and struggles of the nation, noted the President of DISY, adding that we did not claim and never wanted to award certificates of national pride. . As he said, “Cypriot Hellenism has both memory and judgment and can distinguish who really honors the struggle of EOKA and our fighters and who exploits it in their attempt to discredit, divide and misinform. We will not follow them out of respect for our heroes!”

    “We continue as we know how to fight for our country with political ethics and absolute honesty, above all,”, he underlined .

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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