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The humanitarian aid ship that departed from Larnaca to Gaza has arrived – Platforms are ready

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<p> The American merchant ship Sagamore is in Larnaca port </p>
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    The Sagamore ship arrived with humanitarian aid in Gaza – The platforms are ready

    The commercial cargo ship Sagamore, which had departed from the port of Larnaca loaded with humanitarian aid, arrived off the shores of Ashdod(18 miles north of Gaza) where the motorboat Roy P. Benavidez is located, and transferred the supplies to begin the process of delivering them to the Palestinians when the platforms are operational.

    The construction of the two temporary platforms in the Mediterranean Sea has been completed and are currently off the port of Ashdod awaiting the final movement of humanitarian aid, US Pentagon Spokesman Lt. Gen. Ryder said.

    The adverse sea conditions, the Pentagon said, had slowed the deployment of platforms intended to transport humanitarian aid to Gaza, but the US military found a way to use the delay to its advantage and to proceed with the dispatch of aid.

    The US Department of Defense explained that once the two platforms are in place, the Roy P. Benavidez will be allowed to load aid onto support ships and deliver the aid, while the motor vessel Sagamore will return to Cyprus to load additional help.

    “This is a complex undertaking that requires close coordination with many partners. The United States is participating in an international community-led effort led by USAID, with support from the United Nations, the World Food Program, the Republic of Cyprus, other partner countries, and the Israeli military to expand the delivery of humanitarian assistance through the sea ​​corridor to the people of Gaza. We are grateful for the continued cooperation and collaboration of all involved in this important endeavor and will be sure to keep you updated as the JLOTS system becomes operational,” said Mr. Ryder.

    According to the Pentagon Spokesperson once the two floating platforms are deployed, ships loaded with humanitarian aid from Cyprus will dock to transfer their cargo to US military support ships.

    The US military ships will then travel to Gaza and via the second jetty corridor the trucks will cross to the Gaza coast to deliver the aid.

    It is expected that initially around 90 trucks of supplies will pass through the crossing each day and they will enter Gaza. When the operation reaches full capacity, up to 150 trucks will enter Gaza every day.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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