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The Hunters protested and demanded immediate action from PtD at the Rizoelia roundabout

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    Δ&iota ;αμαρτυρorθηκαν και ζorτησαν Αμεσ&alpha ; ενΕργειες απo ΠτΔ οι ΚυνηγοΙ στ&omicron

    Hunters protested and demanded immediate solutions at the Rizoelia roundabout – They held a protest event

    Hunters protest event at the roundabout Rizoelias. Members of the party Active Citizens-Movement of United Cypriot Hunters, gathered from various places at the Roundabout protesting against the non-satisfaction of their demands.

    Among other things, they request the implementation of commitments of the PtD both for environmental issues and hunting, as well as for society in general.

    They immediately request the relocation or termination of the Head of the Game and Wildlife Serviceand satisfying wildlife and hunting issues as well as changes to the Game and Wild Bird Protection Act.

    In his statements, Nicolas Prodromou, President of the Active Citizens – Movement of United Cypriot Hunters said that “the protest is being held for various hunting, environmental and fishing issues”.

    “Today, the world is showing his indignation with what is happening in the hunting and environmental events of the place” he said and added that we are making a new beginning to solve some long-standing problems that concern the world of hunting.

    Today, he continued, “with a full sense of responsibility, we ask for the immediate transfer of the head of the Thira Service, since he bears full responsibility for what has happened in our country to date”.

    Mr. Prodromou also mentioned that on Thursday but also today “we contacted the Presidential Office and from February 1st we enter into a structured dialogue to implement the requests we have put before the President of the Republic, the Ministries and also the leaders of the parties for a very long time”.

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    Διαμαρτυρorθηκ αν και ζorτησαν ΠτΔ οι Κυνηγοi στον κυκλικo κoμ&beta ;ο Ριζοελις

    Διαμαρτυρorθηκ αν και ζorτησαν ΠτΔ οι Κυνηγοi στον κυκλικo κoμ&beta ;ο Ριζοελις

    However, noted Mr. Prodromou, “if on February 1st some perennial problems are not implemented, then we will paralyze every point to be heard and to solve the basic issues that concern our world”.< /p>

    Asked what the problem is with the head of the Thiras Service, he replied that “man has been at a critical point for many years, and everyone knows that when a person is in a post for many years, he begins to wear down”.

    < p>He said that “he and the Service are too worn out to produce any work”, adding that “if the boss was good there would not be these problems today. The Thira Service has not had a management program and a management plan since 2000 and only Cyprus out of all the European countries does not have such a program and plan”.

    In response to a question, Mr. Prodromou said that “the Service became the target of criminal actions and that is why we said that the responsibility of fighting poaching should be transferred to the MAAD's anti-poaching ulama”. According to him, “the new people who were hired should go to the specific post so that they can produce real work and the Game Service is content only with the management of the habitats”.

    This message, he noted “It's clear to everyone. At the same time, what we are asking from the President of the Republic is that we will not tolerate the destruction of habitats by anyone, such as Akamas, the Machira brothers Forest and the Alhambra area with the solar park”. “When we get involved in a “Natura” the consequences we will have from Europe will be enormous and the financial fines that will be imposed will be millions of euros and we will all be asked to pay” he said.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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