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The implementation of a plan for abuses in the GESS starts next month – Tax evasion and rewards in focus

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Suggestions concerning, among other things, the way of resolving the issue of the Attorney General's opinion, the way of solving the problem of tax evasion of a portion of doctors and hospitals and the improvement of the way of remuneration of personal doctors, concern the plan presented before the OAY. , for the abuses in the GESS.

As stated yesterday, Mr. Michalis Hadjipandela, the implementation of the plan of the Ministry of Health regarding the ways of correcting and improving the abuses in the General Health System starts from next month. Mr. Hadjipandella, at the same time, said that the GESS is not collapsing, but is strengthening, by offering better services to Cypriot citizens and patients.

In his statements, after the scheduled meeting he had with the Board of Directors of OAY, before which he presented the specific plan, the Minister of Health said that the members of the Council “saw these suggestions with a positive lens”, expressing the belief that they will implement in a very short time to improve the health system.

He reiterated that the GESS has problems and that they should be corrected immediately, while noting that the suggestions of the Ministry concern all the problems that have come to light in recent days.

He explained that “if we have improvements and we will have savings, which will be used for more medicines and treatments, for the benefit of the patients “.

Asked which areas the suggestions concern, he said that one of the suggestions concerns the way of resolving the issue of the Advocate General's opinion, while he added that another suggestion concerns the way of solving the problem of tax evasion of a portion of doctors and hospitals.

< He added, among other things, that another suggestion concerns the improvement of the way doctors are paid.

“Some of the suggestions,” he said, “will be implemented next month, some in two or three months . It is a large number of suggestions. Some others will be worked out by the management team and they will inform me when we meet again in a period of two to three weeks “.

According to Michalis Hadjipandelas, based on these improvements, patients will benefit from the services they will receive. global “, assuring that the Agency remains committed to the law and its ideals.

As he said, the results of this commitment are that the Cypriot citizen has the health system that he is entitled to have, adding that “we always said that with the start of the system there would be problems, as it is”.

” We have never denied that there are problems at all levels from personal physicians to the computer system. However, we are here on a continuous basis, in order to correct them in good faith in cooperation with the Minister of Health. I emphasize that we are fully committed to our law and its ideals “, said Mr. Antoniou.

Asked about the intention of the Ministry of Finance to cut a budget of more than € 150 million for the GESS, as well as the strong positions made in the Parliamentary Audit Committee last week, which presented the findings of the Auditor General's Annual Report on the OAS and the operation of the GESS, Mr. Antoniou said that “it is the quintessence of the Republic to have different views and approaches”, to add that “there is no need to reduce others and deconstruct them when we disagree”.

“There are processes and this is the Republic to find solutions in good faith,” he added.

Mr. Antoniou said that they did not solve all the problems, to note that there is also the issue of 150 million, with the position of the OAU still being the same.

Next week meeting at the OAY with the Minister of Finance

On the same subject, Mr. Hadjipandella stated that the Minister of Finance on his own initiative has scheduled a meeting next week at the OAY, to resolve the topic.

According to the Minister of Health, the meeting will take place in the presence of him, the Minister of Finance, the Board of Directors of OAY and the Auditor General. The Minister of Health said that he considers that all problems are solved through dialogue and not through letters.

“I will definitely meet with the CCCI. We have communication on all issues. I have been informed that two members of the CCCI have resigned, that is why they did not attend the meeting today “, he said.

in a specific way and give explanations.

“If they are not satisfied they can complain to us. We respect all the institutions and the CCCI and the Auditor General and the Ministries of Health and Finance and everyone. We demand the same respect “, he concluded.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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