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The implementation of innovative interactive tools is gaining ground in organizations and businesses

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Η εφαρμογor κα ινοτoμων διαδραστικoν εργαλεiω ν κερδΙζει και επιχειρorσεις

Recent research has shown that facilitating interaction and strengthening cooperation between the personnel of an organization/business, as well as the speed in processing tasks, are key factors for increasing productivity.


In recent years, developments in the labor sector have been moving at a rapid pace, while the need for continuous upgrading of both the office environment and working conditions have become increasingly important, with the threefold: productivity, efficiency, collaboration, constantly gaining ground .

The pandemic also contributed to this, with remote work being in the foreground, leading several countries to adopt relevant legislation and regulatory frameworks. Smart applications and the use of the internet are now an important tool for every business, organization and employee. In this new, digital age, the work environment is more modern and dynamic than it was in the past, while speed and ease of completing tasks are in demand. Elements that also attract the new generation of workers, who are no longer satisfied with just a good salary, but are looking for conditions that will have as their main characteristic innovation, interaction, the offer of multifaceted experiences and continuous upgrading.

In this direction, technology provides the right answers, offering economic solutions and tools for businesses and organizations interested in upgrading their workplace.

Η εφαρμογor και&nu ;οτoμων διαδραστικoν εργαλεων &kappa ;ερδΙζει ;ι επιχειρorσεις

Use of interactive displays and their advantages

One of these tools is the interactive screens, which not only serve the above objectives, but also save money for the company that uses them. It is no coincidence, after all, that according to Precedence Research, the market for interactive displays reached 41.5 billion dollars in 2021, while an annual increase of 8.59% is expected during the period 2023 – 2030.

Interactive screens give the participants of a meeting, presentation or even a simple meeting the opportunity to connect their personal devices (laptop or smart phone) and display on the screen in an interactive way, whatever information they want, without having to be present even in the same room. These interactive displays run on Android technology, which gives them the ability to leverage tons of apps and allow system upgrades, instantly and easily. At the same time, there is no need to use a projector as the interactive screen takes over this role. The use of interactive screens is now particularly easy, while with applications and direct access to the internet, presentations are now much more interesting through the use of multimedia in real time.

Through the interactive screens, it is also possible to add/differentiate the data of a presentation in real time, as well as the possibility to record the words of a meeting and send them to the interested party immediately and easily. At the same time, interactive screens allow for real-time note-taking, as well as searching for information online at the time of the meeting. At the same time, the user can have access to his personal email, while it is allowed to save files and create multiple user profiles. In addition to the above, sharing notes and files is made much easier and faster by scanning a QR code. All this with the use of touch technology, but also using a special writing pen.

According to the Technology Solutions Consultant of NEDECO Electronics Ltd, Mr. Mario Kyprianou, “the use of interactive displays, such as Clevertouch's Interactive Displays Technologies, are an ally of every company, in the effort to increase the productivity and satisfaction of its employees, as well as for the continuous upgrading of its infrastructure”. As Mr. Kyprianou points out, “the evolution of technology in this field is permanent, therefore the sooner a company integrates these tools into its operation, the more immediate the benefit will be for it, in view of continuity ».

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