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The “interrogation” of the President on the economy and internal governance (part one)

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H «ανακριση» το&upsilon ; ΠροΕδρου για οικονομΙα και εσω&tau ;ερικor διακυβΕρνηση (α’ μΕρος)< /p>

With a 19-minute speech, President Christodoulidis gave a rough outline of the first annual report since the day he assumed his duties in governing the country.

In his position, Nikos Christodoulidis stood on two important pillars, those of foreign and Cypriot policy and internal governance.

H «ανακριση» το&upsilon ; ΠροΕδρου για οικονομΙα και εσω&tau ;ερικor διακυβΕρνηση (α’ μΕρος)< /p>

The account of the President of the Republic began at 20:30 with a speech to the Cypriot people, while at this time he receives questions from the news directors and representatives of the television stations with a pan-Cypriot reach.

ANT1 is represented by Elli Kotziamanis, RIK by Stavros Kyprianou, Omega by Michalis Pavlidis, Alpha Cyprus by Giorgos Kaskanis and SIGMA by Chrysanthos Tsouroulis.

H «ανακριση» το&upsilon ; ΠροΕδρου για οικονομΙα και εσω&tau ;ερικor διακυβΕρνηση (α’ μΕρος)< /p>

Minute by minute the cross-channel conference of the President of the Republic:

In response to a question about mobile phones in the Central Prisons and security, the PtD chose to comment that it is a problem for the which measures have been taken.

In addition, note that, on the issue of security, within a year, we have before us the issues of Immigration. “Society feels the change that has taken place, that the KD for the first time is expelling more than those who come. He knows very well what we have done. And this issue also touches on the issue of crime,” he said.

Declares a party orphan

In response to a question about a previous report that he is not supported by a large party the PtD noted:

“I have no complaints. Party choices are respected. And I fully respect the parties that supported me. With their support, we closed the sale issue. A Government without party support managed to pass the Parliament. I appreciate the help of the parties, they maintain autonomy.

You wouldn't hear any campaign announcements. I have said recently that my biggest advantage is also my biggest disadvantage that I am a party orphan. Not having a given party support is something that creates these results, which you have mentioned,” he said

To a question about the high cost of energy, PtD replied:

«The high cost of energy was not created in the last year. But we have a responsibility to resolve it. Last Friday, the “Photovoltaics for all” Plan came out. Four thousand applications have been made. We will re-evaluate the program and re-announce it. We have a huge terminal challenge ahead of us. It was something we inherited and had to manage.

It was something that had to work in 2022. From the first moment with specific plans, for large enterprises, with metering netting for electricity, plans for the FA, I expect very soon I expect to be presented to us by the ENI. All this will bear fruit, not overnight. This is why interventions are carried out with targeted measures,” he emphasized.

In response to a question about improving the daily life of citizens, President Christodoulidis replied:

You mentioned the Eurobarometer. To mention the EU indicators that Cyprus will have the highest growth rate in the EU. We are a small country that is affected by external factors. For this reason, for the first time, measures of this magnitude have been announced to help society. At the same time, we have gone through very difficult times, fiscal responsibility is non-negotiable. I am not here to respond to election calls. I'm here to behave responsibly.”

To a question about the tax transformation, PtD replied:

«This country in 2013 went through an unprecedented crisis. A crisis that whatever responsibilities foreigners had, there were also responsibilities from this state. For me, fiscal responsibility is non-negotiable. Mr. Kyprianou asked me about the polls. On March 1st, when I was elected, I was urged to announce measures. The easiest thing for me, to be liked, was to announce measures. I did not do it. Why did I have to wait for the investment grade assessment and then we responsibly announced measures and will announce more if necessary. The measures should not be horizontal. In most cases they should be targeted”.”I mentioned it pre-election and one of our first actions was to start work on tax transformation of the country. The last time it happened was in 2001. We will gradually announce the changes. We think it right to make a right transformation. There are new data and it will be presented,” he said.

He announced the modernization of the Attorney General and Auditor institutions

In response to a question about the modernization of the Legal and Audit Department Service as well as the separation of powers of the Attorney General, Nikos Christodoulidis answered:

Institutional reforms are a component of our philosophy. Everything that is in our program will be implemented. I, the President, set the example by setting up the Advisory Council. From whom did the Advisory Board get its powers? In the next period there are appointments of commissioners. The Advisory Committee will again have the competence. The same will be done with Audit and Legal Service.

There is nothing personal with the Attorney General. It touches on a period of time after which the specific persons will not exist, or when they will be at the end of their term. For us, the issue is not personal, it will be institutional.

Is the Court of Auditors in your thoughts?

It does not concern the specific persons. Neither their ability nor the institutional work they do is in doubt. I am not here to think about 2028. I would not be useful for the state.

When asked about relations with Odysseus Michaelidis, the PtD answered:

< p>“Our positions with Controller are excellent. Yesterday we spoke on the phone about a matter. There are individual disagreements, but that doesn't mean that as the head of two leading institutions, we won't cooperate,” he said.

Regarding the General Prosecutor's lack of control, he replied:

“We are in the final stage of processing. The very next stage we will discuss with the heads of the institutions and we will go to the Parliament”, he noted.

In response to a question from Chrysantho Tsouroulis about the postponement of the establishment of the supervisory authority, the PtD replied:

“Procrastinator I am by no means. It is since 2013 that the Troika came, there were recommendations for strict control in this kind of services. We have already worked out a specific Bill and I am ready if I have to clash to protect the reputation of our country. Today we had new sanctions from the USA and again the name of Cyprus is involved. These are not honorable for anyone. Those who react, if they see the long term, are in their own interest. The Republic of Cyprus is a State of Law and there will be zero tolerance for corruption.

To a clarifying question, the President answered:

“No choice of mine was left out of the Cabinet. The President of the Republic is credited with the Government's failures. I refer you to the transformation, which is my own choices. We all know and have seen the reactions from the parties that supported my candidacy, if they were satisfied with my own choices. We are all judged by the outcome of our policies.

I said about behavioral mistakes. Overtime was not tolerated for persons appointed by the President. It wasn't right to have posts from people nominated in private moments. We corrected all this and within the framework of the institutional reform, what we choose is to have the data, to not allow such mistakes to be made,” he noted.

President Christodoulidis: Mistakes were not made in policies, but in attitudes and choices

In response to a question from journalist Stavros Kyprianou, President Christodoulidis, commenting on the results of the polls, noted that mistakes were made in attitudes and choices that were corrected .

He characterized the results of the polls as logical, since as he said, he was not elected with the support of a party. He consciously noted, raised the bar.

“I take seriously the opinion polls and what is said or written. I have no doubt that the sign in the end will be positive. I consciously raised my forearm. Society expects a lot from us and I am glad that society has high expectations from us. At the same time, the bar will continue to be high for me and for the members of the Cabinet. I have consciously chosen to be open about what I will do in 2024. I should mention at the same time, that it makes a lot of sense, considering that I do not have the support of a major party. I don't have a party paper. I don't have a solid population group that supports what I'm doing.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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