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The intervention of the Ministry of Education for “failures” in the Mathematics paper is requested by the parents of Messi

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    What the Confederation of Federations of Associations of Parents of Public Secondary Schools states in its announcement

    Intervention of the Minister of Education for failures in the Mathematical Course the organized parents of Secondary Education request and express the hope that this event will be the last.

    In a statement, the Confederation of Federations of Associations of Parents of Public Schools of Secondary Education states that the letter had disproportionate size, excessive and unrealistically high degree of difficulty, difficult to understand most of the questions, due to poor wording and unprecedented structure and philosophy.

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    “The responsible inspectorsthey do not check and examine in depth whether all the exercises in the written text are fully consistent with the material being examined. For most of the exercises, there were no corresponding exercises in the school textbooks and they were not taught in the classrooms, says the announcement. stating that under no circumstances should the content of the written text “lead to the collapse of morale, the leveling of self-confidence and the destruction of expectations, goals, efforts and goals of a twelve-year course in school classrooms” 8221?.

    The Confederation calls on the Minister of Education to give those instructions so that during the correction of the papers, the failure of the choice of subjects by the subjects is taken into account.



    He also asks that the Correction Guide be consistent with the philosophy and guidelines of the taught material and in no case with the leveling philosophy of the subject setters, and that all scope for grading correction (reduction) be exhausted, to alleviate any possible injustices.

    “We want to believe that this event will be the last of the examination period and that no one will need to intervene again for any failures in the selection of subjects by the subject-setters,”, he concludes the announcement.


    Source: cyprustimes.com

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