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The Kissonerga coastal promenade has been completed

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    p>The coastal pedestrian walkway of Kissonerga has been completed, at a lower cost compared to the original budget, according to an announcement by K.S. Kissonergas.

    As stated by the president of K.S. Kissonerga Giorgos Stylianou, although initially the construction of the pedestrian walkway, in its final form, was budgeted to cost around three million euros (€3,000,000), the Kissonerga Community Council, always keeping in mind its financial possibilities, decided to proceed with a more prudent design and with proper financial management the project has only cost about two hundred thousand (€200,000).

    The result, he continued, is the saving of about €2,800,000.

    The two-kilometer pedestrian walkway, he noted, has a uniform design that is consistent with the environment and the developments that have taken place in the area and unites all the hotels in the tourist area of ​​Kissonerga, making it a point of reference.

    In addition, he continued , a playground, an outdoor gym and a viewing point have been built on the pedestrian street – of interest “Lock your Love”, points that are particularly popular, as a result of which its visitation has increased significantly from locals and foreigners.

    A special marking of the various locations with the traditional toponyms has been placed on the pedestrian street so that to maintain tradition. The coastal promenade of Kissonerga can be used for both walking and cycling.

    Also the Coastal Pedestrian Walk of Kissonerga, highlights the beautiful rocky coastline and coves of Kissonerga and has become one of the most remarkable projects of Paphos District, the announcement concludes.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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