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The Kition Ocean Port workers' strike continues for the fourth day

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ΣυνεχΙζεται ;ια τεταρτη μερα η απεργΙα εργαζο&mu ;νων της Kition Ocean Port

They appeal for support from all workers

Today, Thursday, the strike of workers at the Kition Ocean Port company's port of Larnaca continues for the fourth day, with the Trade Unions appealing for support from all workers.

In a written announcement by the Trade Unions SEGDAMELIN PEO and OMEPEGE-SEK it is stated that “since Monday, February 6, the workers of Kition Ocean Port, which has taken over the exploitation of the port and marina of Larnaca, are reacting collectively to protect their rights , the right to organize, Collective Bargaining and collective bargaining, after the company proceeded with retaliatory dismissals, ignoring and bypassing the Industrial Relations Code and the legislations that protect Trade Union freedoms”.

It is added that “the Director of the Department of Labor Relations, after being informed about the labor unrest that occurred at the port of Larnaca and in compliance with the Industrial Relations Code, called on the employer to revoke the dismissals (without revoking the rights arising from the Termination Employment Law) and the Trade Unions to immediately withdraw any strike measures”.

Also “the two sides were called to a Mediation Meeting at the office of the Director of the Department of Labor Relations on Tuesday, February 7th. The labor side immediately responded by email positively to the suspension of the strike measures and its presence at the meeting, given that the employer side would also revoke the layoffs”.

Unfortunately, continues the announcement of the Trade Unions, “the company never responded to the Department of Labor Relations of the Ministry of Labor and until now has not revoked the layoffs”.

The Unions report that “as a result of this attitude, the Cypriot economy and society become hostages of the company, since the workers remain out of work and the ships and goods are captive to the company with incalculable financial losses and soon with a lack of basic products from the market” .

The workers of Kition Ocean Port appeal for “support to all workers, traders, breeders, farmers, transporters whose livelihood comes from and is connected to the port of Larnaca to react in all possible ways to the Kition Ocean Port company to respect their institutions, the laws and institutions of the Republic of Cyprus”.

The Trade Unions also note in their announcement that “the Ministry of Transport, which has proceeded with the Concession Agreement for the exploitation of the port Larnaca has an obligation, even after four days, to intervene in order to ensure the smooth operation of the port, but also the protection of trade union freedoms and the labor rights of employees, based on the institutions of the Republic of Cyprus”.

< p class="text-paragraph">SEGDAMELIN-PEO and OMEPEGE-SEK also address “to the authorities, institutions and society of Larnaca, expecting the that they will not accept that the trade union and labor rights of the workers in the port city will be violated and that the development work that is going to be done in the city will respect these rights”.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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