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The KOA locked 48 gymnasiums with court decrees

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The KOA locked 48 gymnasiums with court decrees

The COM placed padlocks on 48 gymnasiums – gyms under court decrees, the issuance of which he requested unilaterally as there were security reasons for the users – their clients. At the same time, dozens of cases of gymnastics schools that were found to be operating illegally are being brought to justice. The indictments were filed by the legal adviser of the COM.

Indicative of the magnitude of the illegality found in gymnastics schools is the fact that, from the beginning of the year until 7/26/2021, only 47 gymnastics schools managed to secure an operating license. It should be noted that CMO officials had registered in 2018 about 900 fitness schools across Cyprus, with the overwhelming majority, about nine out of 10, operating illegally. Fitness schools also include gyms that operate within hotel units, for which a license is also required.

According to data obtained by the COM, from the beginning of the year until today, about 140 applications have been submitted to obtain a license to operate a gymnastics school. 47 operating licenses have already been issued, while another 30 applications have been approved and will be granted – activated when and if the prescribed fees are paid.

The remaining applications are under consideration. For comparison purposes, we report that the number of licensed fitness schools in 2020 was 149. It is worth mentioning that a number of gyms, without a clear picture yet, were shut down due to the lockouts and restrictive measures in force. Even if the approximately 140 applications submitted to the CMO so far for the issuance of a gymnastics school license are approved, the discrepancy remains very large from the 900 gyms that were registered to operate in 2018, most without a license, thus revealing the huge size. of illegality.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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