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The KTAMS guild welcomed Tatar from Turkey with banners and disapproval

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The KTAMS guild welcomed Tatar from Turkey with banners and disapproval

With banners reading “While the country is burning” and “Welcome to the country, Mr. President”, members of the “civil servants” union KTAMS, welcomed last night with applause and whistles outside the illegal airport of Tympos, the missing Ersin Tatar for two days in Gaziantep, Turkey.

The president of the union stated during the protest that everything is being increased, there is no food in the houses and while the Turkish Cypriot leader is absent, there is no “prime minister” or other “responsible”.

“In our country there was neither LPG nor gasoline. While you were eating kebabs in Gaziantep, people in this country were thinking about how they would spend the end of this month. “Your travels abroad have become a mockery,” said Mr Bengihan.

According to the GTP, Mr. Tatar, who did not leave the illegal airport quickly after his arrival, condemned the criticism that he is going to Turkey to “walk”, claiming that the work he carries out during his visits to Turkey is for the benefit of the “country” and its economy. He said the visits are made to ensure the flow of tourists and students and to invest in the occupied territories.

Recalling that he was accompanied during the visit by the President of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Turgay Deniz, Ersin Tatar said that representatives of economic organizations will accompany him during his upcoming visits to Turkey. He will continue his visits to Turkey, without hindering his affairs in the occupied territories, he added.

During his visit to Gaziantep, Tatar attended the start of the 2021-22 academic year at Hassan Kalionjou University, where he was awarded an honorary doctorate. He also met with members of the city's Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking at the university, Mr. Tatar complained about the opposition in the occupied territories. “They tell me you are a parrot of Turkey. “There is an opposition that launches unjust and atopic accusations.”

Noting that he is on his way with Turkey, he reiterated that only with Turkey's support can the Turkish Cypriot “people” continue to exist, because within the EU, the Greek Cypriot-Greek duo still has an “expansive and conflicting culture”. .

“In Cyprus, some oppositionists are still accusing us with the nonsense that we can live very well mixed with the Greek Cypriot people and that there can be a good agreement,” he said.

Mr. Tatar spoke of a very ruthless opposition in the occupied territories. “They always tell me 'you are a parrot of Turkey'. In the end, my path is the right one. My way is the Turkish way. My path is the path of coexistence with Turkey. “Because that's the right thing to do,” he said.

Speaking at a meeting at the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Tatar said the pseudo-state had taken steps in tourism, higher education and promotion activities and would go further with financial support and trade deals.

“Cyprus saw many games, lived many games. We now know that the other people do not have good will. There are now two states. There are Turks and Greeks in Cyprus. There is no Cypriot nation. It is not possible for these two peoples to live together. Attempts are being made to return the Turkish Cypriots to the pre-1974 period. “It was not possible to get any results from the talks that took place for 50 years.”

He reiterated that he has brought to the fore the new policy and the new perception and speaking about the Greek Cypriots he said that “there is a resistance and stubbornness against us”.


Source: politis.com.cy

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