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“The Lady's Mile is becoming “Finikoudes”…” by Yannis Pazourou and Katerina Iliadis

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«ΓΙνεται "Φο&iota ;νικοyδες" το Lady’s Mile… » των Γιàννη Πàζο υρου και Κατερiνας Ηλιαδη

Say goodbye to the most popular beach of Limassol that you are missing* – Who controls whom for the character change of Lady's Mile

Yannis Pazouros

In the area where one of the best known and most popular beaches of the island, Lady's Mile or Aplostra, is located, works have been carried out in recent months, which blatantly violate laws and regulations, by leisure centers operating there. Some owners/managers of the properties in question are currently carrying out renovations – there are cases where huge and expensive changes are baptized “renovations” – of their properties, completely disregarding the conditions governing the permits they have been given. In particular, a systematic alteration of the very sensitive environmental area is recorded, since various interventions on the beach attempt to change the image and nature of that piece of land.

Expensive private shade
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On a site visit to the area last week, we saw firsthand how easily and indifferently they are altering the habitat, even within a Natura 2000 zone. In a recreation center under renovation, several trucks of red dirt have been unloaded in the past days – completely foreign to area – to plant trees there that have nothing to do with the natural environment. In fact, this happens literally on the beach, two to three meters from the water, and in an area where turtles give birth. The various palms and other trees/plants planted on the Lady's Mile these days have nothing to do with what is allowed in the area, let alone when they are purposefully planted on the beach and dunes. The goal, as we have been informed, is to create a shadow which in the future will… it is sold at a high price in the various “private” places that will operate luxurious bars that are growing in the area.

Fine caresses

It may be that the Administration of the British Bases in Cyprus, in recent years, has systematically intervened in the area for the benefit of the environment, but it is now clear that something is not right with the Lady's Mile, since the controls do not seem to be sufficient and above all effective. Interventions have been made to cut off wheelchair access to the beach, while there is also an attempt to demarcate restaurant areas, including the beaches they consider “theirs”, apparently to allow only their customers to use them. Under the protection of the area's remoteness and sometimes obscurity, some leisure center owners/operators act as if they feel they are not being watched for what they do, since the investments for… renovations are millions in some cases, and the fines for violations of laws and regulations, crumbs. Nor do they sweat the fact that some such cases have been brought to the courts of the British Bases, since the penalties imposed are considered a pittance in the face of the huge profits to come – the beach is next to the Casino. It is worth noting that according to the recent plan for the urban development in the Bases area, for Lady's Mile beach it has been determined that the leisure centers will remain in the footprint of 2011, which is far from the current reality. Also serious is the fact that, as explained by citizens dealing with environmental issues, the character of this beach is being altered on another level besides the environmental one – they mean the social character of the beach in question.


The Lady's Mile beach is still Limassol's preeminent popular beach, the beach where anyone can access its entire length, freely and for free, which is constantly changing as there are complaints that owners of leisure centers do not allow them to use the “their” beach if they are not their customers, nor is the ceiling of 2.5 euros on sunbeds and umbrellas respected by everyone. However, apart from this issue, any development and/or alleged development that is currently taking place in the area is considered by many Limassolians as the harbinger of bad developments, since they see the day approaching when the demands of some will increase. Already, voices for the construction of an asphalted road are getting louder, especially when they will soon try to approach the “renovated” Mykonos-style bars of Lady's Mile, luxury cars, limousines. However, studies on the Lady's Mile road are underway with the input of the Municipality of Limassol, but as things are developing, it is better to keep a small basket regarding the promises of an “environmentally friendly road”, especially due to the lack of controls and effective measures for illegalities. It is noted that the photos accompanying the text were taken last Thursday, June 30, 2022.

Environmentalists are concerned

With its announcement, the Environmental Movement – Citizens' Cooperation, makes the authorities of the British Bases co-responsible for the construction works in the habitat of Akrotiri – Lady's Mile Beach. “After today's (1/7/2022) on-site visit to the area of ​​the Akrotiri wetland, we found that extensive construction work is being done at two recreation centers located on the Lady's Mile beach front,” the Ecologists report, adding that any work in the area this should, according to the Policy Statement, be limited to the 2011 footprint. “It is our assessment that the work being carried out violates the Policy Statement and the 2011 footprint,” the statement added. The Environmental Movement – Citizens' Cooperation, calls on the authorities of the British Bases in Cyprus, to proceed immediately with the appropriate actions, in order to control the construction works in the area and to take the necessary measures, to ensure compliance with the Policy Statement which they owe everyone to apply. “Another collateral loss of the construction work is the observed failure of turtles, in recent days, to lay their eggs in the area. According to the environmental organizations that operate in the area and monitor turtle hatchings, the observed tracks of the turtles bump into walls and other obstacles. It seems that the tragic outcome is that they give birth in the water resulting in the destruction of all their eggs. As a Movement of Environmentalists – Citizens' Cooperation we will continue to closely monitor the issue of “developments” in the Akrotiri habitat. It remains our position that developments can coexist with the wetland, when there is respect for the incalculable value of the wetland's environmental wealth and respect for the recommendations of expert scientists,” the Ecologists' announcement concludes.

*Paraphrase of a well-known verse by K.P. Cavafy from his poem entitled “Apoliipein o Theos Antonion”.

British Bases in Cyprus

“Today we stopped some operations, because they had escaped”

By Katerina Iliadis

Regarding the renovations and “renovations” currently taking place at Lady's Mile, relevant questions were submitted in writing to the Administration of the British Bases in Cyprus, following reports from citizens that the authorities of the Bases are monitoring what is happening from afar, without intervening. Korina Orphanidis, the press representative of the British Bases in Cyprus, who answered the questions of “P”, mentioned among other things that yesterday Friday, the Administration of the British Bases stopped some works, because it was found that they had escaped from the relevant permits that had been given .

Do the restaurants/centres of Lady's have a building permit Mile;
They do not have a building permit, originally these properties were shacks. A process is now underway for the issuance of a building permit for all properties, in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Are the restaurants of Lady' licensed? s Mile to intervene in NATURA areas, in the Beach Protection Zone and in sea ​​turtle nesting beaches?
No, of course. British Bases Command is committed to protecting the environment.

Are the parking lots of these restaurants/centers located on the side of the salt flat legal?
No, they are not legal. British Bases Command is in the process of designating car parks in an environmentally friendly area.

Are these restaurants/centres licensed for water sports and water games?
We currently do not issue motorsport permits. The area is monitored and when illegalities are detected, appropriate action is taken.

Have any of these restaurants/centres been given permission to build a 2nd floor? Is a mezzanine allowed?
A mezzanine is not considered a second floor. Some approval was given for a mezzanine to be used as storage. An audit is now being conducted to see if the agreement is being followed.

Has any environmental study been done for all projects and activities in the area? Are there environmental management plans for each restaurant/centre and for each activity? What legislation governs the projects and renovations that have been permitted?
For all the projects that will be implemented, there is a suitable implementation, in accordance with the legislation of the British Bases. And for any renovation that will be done, the relevant regulations must be followed and the environment must be protected.

Are the works currently being done a renovation? The character of real estate is changing, “renovations” cost thousands (maybe even millions) of euros. What is considered a “renovation”?
Specific permits are given and then a check is carried out to see if the conditions of these permits are being met. Each is examined separately, regarding whether the legislations are observed.

How are the controls for the implementation of legislation carried out? Are the projects currently underway legal? E.g. planting palm trees and other trees on the beach, earthworks etc?
We are investigating the activity on Lady's Mile Beach and have instructed those involved to cease their activity. Anyone suspected of committing an offense will be prosecuted. Patrols are carried out as part of the controls. Today we stopped some works, terminated them, because it was found that they had escaped from the relevant permits that had been given.

«ΓΙνεται "Φοινικοyδες" το Lady&rsquo ;s Mile? ρiνας Ηλιaδη

"Φοινικοyδες" το Lady’s Mile… » των Γιàνν&eta ” />

«ΓΙνεται "Φ οινικοyδες" το Lady’s Mile… » των Γιàννη Πà&zeta

ται "Φοινικοyδες" το Lady’s Mile… » των Γ&iota ;αννη Παζουρου και ΚατερΙνας Ηλια&delta ;η” />

Source: politis.com.cy

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