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The launch of “Save and Upgrade” is a matter of days

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The launch of

The “Save-Upgrade Housing” sponsorship project of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, amounting to 30 million euros, starts on March 9th. The plan had recently been announced by Minister Natasa Pileidou and its announcement was pending.

The Save – Upgrade Plan aims at the extensive energy upgrade of existing homes. This is intended to be achieved through the use of incentives in the form of grants. The Plan covers exclusively investments related to the purchase and installation of new equipment / materials. The amount that will be allocated for the needs of the Plan, during the first call for proposals, amounts to 30 million euros and can be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission and the Republic of Cyprus, in the framework of cohesion policy in Cyprus.

It is noted that the “Save – Upgrade to Housing” Plan concerns exclusively the total energy upgrade of existing homes, with the implementation of a combination of measures and not individual investments.

Natural persons residing permanently in the areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus have the right to apply. Exceptions are the cases of energy upgrades of apartment buildings, for which a single application must be submitted by the Management Committee of the apartment building, which will act on behalf of all the owners, who must be natural persons.

Eligibility requirements

The residences for which the application is submitted must meet certain eligibility requirements. They must have a power supply bill from the EAC, with home pricing, and this bill must belong to a natural person, while the application for a planning permit must have been submitted before 21 December 2007. Residences located in areas of the British Bases are not covered by this Plan.

The energy efficiency category of the house must be C or lower and must not have received a grant under any invitation of the Plan “Save – Upgrade to Homes” of FP 2014-2020 or from the Fund of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving eligible for expenses. There is no limit to the number of applications that can be submitted by each individual, provided that these will concern different residences.

Eligible actions

Eligible actions covered by the Plan include consulting services, thermal insulation of the house shell, replacement of windows, installation of shading systems as well as the installation and / or replacement of technical systems (such as solar, photovoltaic, air conditioners, storage batteries, automations etc).

– The percentage of sponsorship to the beneficiaries to be approved amounts to 60% of the total eligible budget. To the vulnerable

consumers, the percentage increases to 80%, within the framework of the state social policy.

There is no specific cost or specific cost mix, as the data for each home is different. In order for a home to be approved, applicants must, with the help of a qualified expert, choose the appropriate combination of work to be done in their home, so that it can be upgraded and save energy by at least 60%, compared to the existing one. condition.

Regarding the time frame in which the beneficiary's investment should be implemented, it is one year from the date of signing the Public Financing Agreement for the implementation of the investment. It is important that in case the installation of equipment that does not meet the technical criteria affects the final result to such an extent that it reduces energy savings below 60%, then the entire application will become ineligible.

You can claim a sponsorship for the following expenses: Thermal insulation of the building shell (masonry / beams, roof, exposed floor). Replacement of existing frames (windows and doors) with thermal insulation. Installation of shading systems for frames. Solar water heater installation. Installation of autonomous air conditioners. Solid, gas or liquid fuel boiler replacement. Installation of high efficiency heat pump for space heating and / or cooling. Installation of a photovoltaic system, which will operate with the Net-Billing method. Installation of storage batteries for electricity generated by photovoltaics. Installation of automation and / or intelligent energy management systems. Consultant agency.

Source: www.philenews.com

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