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The law on the business of MPs is boring – The pros and cons of the ban on practicing the profession

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The law that controls and restricts the professional activities of state and elected officials in order to avoid entanglements, corruption and conflict of interest is drafted and largely inapplicable to date, complained to the Parliamentary Institutions Committee yesterday the chairman of the Investigative Committee, Mr. N. . At the same time, calling on the Parliament to proceed with legislative regulations in order to make the current legislation functional, effective and dissuasive. Wanting to point out the gaps in the law, Ms. Nikolaou cited the MPs as an example. As he complained, there are very few Members who file a declaration of professional incompatibility before the Commission, despite the fact that they are obliged to do so when they take office. Ms. Nikolaou pointed out that if the legislation provided for sanctions, the deputies would not have written the Incompatibility Investigation Committee on the soles of their shoes. The deputies of the Committee of Institutions agreed to consider this issue in a separate session and focused yesterday on whether it is appropriate to introduce absolute professional incompatibility to the deputies who are the only officials who exercise the profession with the argument that they do not exercise executive power. The discussion took place between the following MPs: Dimitris Dimitriou (DISY), George Karoulla (DISY), Marinos Mousioutta (DIPA) and Pavlos Mylonas (DIKO) who do not practice, and three MPs & # 8211; of lawyers: Zacharia Koulia (DIKO), Nikos Georgiou (DISY) and Andrea Passiourtidi (AKEL).

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