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The lease of state land to a company for photovoltaic parks, discussed the Supervisory Board

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The lease of state land to a company for photovoltaic parks, discussed the Supervisory Board

The issue of leasing state land to a specific company, for the purposes of construction and operation of photovoltaic parks, in the area of Troullon and Avdellerou, was brought before the Parliamentary Control Committee on Thursday.

During the session, the special report of the Audit Office on the issue was discussed and in addition it was examined whether the state land was properly managed.

Specifically, this is a development, which will be developed on a large area of state land, with a total value of over 48 million euros.

According to the special report of the Audit Service, the company requested the creation of eleven photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 45 megawatts and the Environmental Authority decided to approve the seven with a capacity of 30 megawatts in the area of Avdellero.

The Audit Office, always according to what it records in its report, speaks of “non-observance of the principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination”, for the lease of state land.

Considers that if the Council of Ministers, which has, under Article 54 of the Constitution, the power to supervise and dispose of property belonging to the Republic, considered that the state land in question could or should be leased to a private individual, for purposes construction of photovoltaic parks, he had to ensure proper publicity and call for an expression of interest and not to lease the land to the first businessman who would ask for it.

He also speaks of “non-compliance with the legal procedure”, regarding the submission and examination of applications for urban planning permits, for the construction and operation of photovoltaic parks, after the applications were submitted by the company, before any decision was made, regarding with the lease of state land to it, as well as for “insufficient justification of the decision of the Council of Ministers” for lease of state plots, in relation to the four photovoltaic parks, for which the Departments of Agriculture and Urban Planning and Housing expressed the view that should remain for agricultural purposes.

DISY MP, Annita Dimitriou, said that “finally in this state, a spatial policy for Renewable Energy Sources should be implemented and there should be proper planning, in accordance with the existing national action plans.”

He said that “a specific area or a specific province cannot bear the burden of such sites or such developments”.

He reminded, finally, that there is a warning letter on the issue in violation of the General Secretariat of the European Commission, with possible financial consequences for the Republic and this issue should be of serious concern to us.

AKEL MP – Left – New Forces Irini Charalambidou, said that every businessman defends his interests, to then ask “who will defend the interests of the Republic of Cyprus?”.

“Honestly today in the Commission I felt that I was between Skyla and Charybdis. “Two businessmen, one according to complaints from the mayor to threaten to create serious situations, the other without having leased state land, to decide to build 500 steps of photovoltaic parks”, he said.

He also said that the competent Ministries have disagreements with each other and do not give the Audit Office the reply letters that they have sent to the EU, in relation to the issue, to note that the members of the Audit Committee requested today that the reply letters be submitted.

“Finally, some people have to read the legislation on the submission of data to the Parliamentary Committees. “Someone must defend the interests of the Republic of Cyprus, when individuals try to impose their own programs,” he added.

The MP of the Movement of Ecologists – Citizens' Cooperation, George Perdikis, stated that according to the report of the Auditor General “the whole process breaks down everywhere and has the smell of scandal, since the businessman has been scandalously favored by the state and especially by the Department of Urban Planning and Cabinet”.

As he said for the Ecologists' Movement, the issue is broader, since he noted “there has been a great destruction in Cyprus of agricultural land, but also of natural beauty and nature protection areas from the construction of large Photovoltaic Parks.

Instead, he added, “as a matter of priority, photovoltaic parks should cover residential and industrial roofs, where electricity consumption is, unfortunately some, in order to serve financial interests, have largely given permits for the installation of photovoltaic parks in fertile rural areas” and .

The Plenary Session decides today on a list of Giorkatzi – It will be posted on the website of the Parliament

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Source: politis.com.cy

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