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The licensing and control procedures of tourist offices are simplified

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The Plenary Session of the Parliament unanimously amended the law on Tourism Offices and Travel and Guides in order to reduce bureaucratic procedures and provide greater flexibility to these tourism companies.

The new law simplifies the procedures for control and licensing of tourism and travel agencies, increases the validity of the licenses of tourism and travel agencies and tour guides, expands the reasons for revoking their licenses and addresses problems related to the provision of tourism services./p>

The law provides, inter alia, for the possibility of co-hosting a licensed tourism and travel agency with companies providing ancillary or related activities, including travel insurance, foreign exchange services, shipping services, car rental and transportation.

It also provides for simplification. control and licensing procedures for tourism and travel agencies and tour guides and increase the validity period of tourism and travel agencies and tour guides from three to five years.

It is also envisaged to amend the provision concerning the deposit of a guarantee of fifteen thousand euros for the purposes of granting and renewing the license of a tourism and travel agency, so that instead of this guarantee, an equal amount of insurance coverage can be obtained from an insurance company approved by the Insurer. , which is valid for the entire period of validity of the license of the office in question. impose administrative sanctions on persons who violate the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Provisions are also being introduced for the effective treatment of offenses arising from the provision of travel agency and travel services via the internet.

DISY MP Kyriakos Hatzigiannis said that with this law the bureaucratic procedures were fought and crushed and the law is passed before the start of the new tourist season, so that these companies are ready to create what the local economy needs. At the same time, he said that there is a need now, especially due to the international situation, for some people to run to create tourism, to bring tourism, while he added that the mentality of already running in the state to ensure financial assistance is highly unacceptable. As he said, all tourism actors have a role to play and work hard to fill the gaps and weaknesses due to the international situation and the excessive dependence on specific markets.

AKEL MP Aristos Damianou stated that regarding the management of the crisis from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the position of the DISY MP does not reflect the concerns of society. As he said, in the midst of a crisis due to a pandemic and war, we can not close our eyes and the Government must take narrow measures where they are needed such as tourism, energy and cereals.

DIPA MP Michalis Giakoumi said that for the party, the modernization of laws is a key priority, while noting that this will enable tourism operators to work more flexibly and effectively to deal with a complex and complicated situation that will have consequences.

Stavros Papadouris, Member of Parliament for the Ecologists 'Movement – Citizens' Cooperation, welcomed the simplification of procedures and the flexibility given, expressing the hope that “we will be flexible” and because of the Russian-Ukrainian, in order to save what is saved.

Source: politis.com.cy

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