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The Lidl Food Academy for Kids is back for the new academic year 2023-2024

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The program is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth for the students of the 1st High School

Η «ΑκαδημΙα Φαγ ητοy για παιδιστη Lidl Food Academy» επιστρeφε ι για τη νΕα ακαδημαΙκor χρονιΑ 2023-2024

With the main objective of promoting more positive practices and habits in matters of nutrition, physical and mental well-being, as well as empowering consumers (today and tomorrow) to make healthier and more balanced choices, Lidl Cyprus is conducting for the 6th consecutive year the experiential program “Food Academy for children at Lidl Food Academy”. The program is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and aims to teach the children of the 1st High School, the benefits of properly thought-out preparation of home-made food and has already hosted hundreds of children since 2018, informing and sensitizing them on issues related to conscious and healthy diet.

The lessons are held as part of the Home Economics lesson, during school hours and each lesson can be attended by a section of up to 30 children. Each seminar lasts 4 hours and includes the theoretical and practical learning of a complete, tasty, nutritious and healthy meal that can be easily prepared by children of this age. The course is taught by a qualified chef instructor, with the support of a nutritionist/nutritionist.

By actively participating in the kitchen, children become better informed about the nutritional value of food, that is, learning how each food affects their body. In addition, they have the opportunity to discover the joy of creating and socializing through cooking, as well as the awareness that by improving our food, we improve our quality of life.

This program is included in a wider framework of actions with the main objective of protecting health which is one of the main pillars of Lidl Cyprus's Corporate Social Responsibility and part of its vision for a better tomorrow for everyone.

To register for participation in the program, the interested schools can contact the relevant Department of Home Economics of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.

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