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The lies about Novak Djokovic are over – From time to time his deportation from Australia

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The lies about Novak Djokovic are over - From time to time his deportation from Australia

Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is expected to make an official announcement on the re-cancellation of Novak Djokovic's visa, which will automatically lead to the expulsion of the Serbian champion from the country. In this way, the serial starring No. 1 in world tennis and his participation in the Australian Open is expected to end. Unless, of course, there is another upheaval.

The Australian state insists it intends to expel Novak Djokovic, barring him from entering the country, which will deprive him of the right to claim victory in the tournament to become a record holder in tennis history, the only one to have won 21 Grand Slam.

This insistence of the Australians can not be based on empathy – after all, it is in the interest of Open and consequently the country to be projected through the triumphs of Djokovic. Therefore, to put it simply, those in charge should know something more in order to prosecute the champion even after he is vindicated in court. In other words, the Australians are probably sure and absolutely convinced that Djokovic is trying to deceive them. And with them the whole planet, with the first ones who support it with passion.

The English-language media talk about “saga”, using their own cliché for cases that drag on, with various episodes and unexpected developments. The saga, however, is a heroic narrative, about the exploits of the ancient Vikings, the brave Norwegians, Icelanders, etc. However, is Djokovic the modern counterpart of those fearless, rugged seafarers and warriors?

If so, why is the saga of whether or not to participate in the Australian Open has begun to tire? Is it because it is a serial that, as it is revealed, was based on lies upon lies? Is it because the “good” Nole is fundamentally an unimaginably egocentric guy who considers himself superior to the human community and does not hesitate to falsify documents as long as he gets what he wants, completely ignoring whether his behavior endangers the health of those come in contact with him?

The development of Djokovic's case follows the swing of a mental pendulum, in terms of public sympathy: Very schematically and necessarily arbitrarily, it is estimated that the initial impression was generally against the Serb, as it was considered that he tried to “play with to intimidate the Australian authorities with his status as a superstar and to enter the country, in essence, illegally.

The refusal of the Australians to succumb to the alleged audacity of the unvaccinated Novak Djokovic and the unfair treatment accorded to him, in the first phase, won the approval of the majority of the public. At the same time, of course, Djokovic's ubiquitous supporters rallied and immediately launched loud protests, including violent clashes with police, with “Free Novak” as the central slogan.

When the true conditions of his detention were revealed, in a dirty hotel where would-be but sometimes for years aspiring but illegal immigrants are stacked in Australia, reactions intensified in both directions, both for and against Novak Djokovic. But mainly against the Australians, who became the bad guys in history, showing a punitive and vengeful tendency against Djokovic. Who inadvertently fell victim to the attempt of local Prime Minister Scott Morrison to increase his declining popularity in order to claim re-election.

Also, as it was revealed that the Australian state was in constant internal conflict with the local tennis federation and the organizers of the Australian Open, Djokovic appeared more and more convincingly as a victim. And when Judge Anthony Kelly acquitted the Serb, declaring his visa revocation illegal, even those who tended to consider Novak Djokovic the only culprit in history were shocked.

But the case did not end there. “Nole”, his followers and together with every anti-vaccine, “spray” and so on. they raised the fist of victory in the dance against the painless and in short Orwellian state apparatus of Australia. The Serb himself started training, in order to quickly regain his form, after the gap and the disturbance caused in his program by his five-day confinement in the Melbourne detention hotel.

In the midst of the chaos, however, some unflattering details of Djokovic's stance were revealed: In order to circumvent Australia's draconian sternness regarding the spread of the coronavirus, the anti-vaccine and therefore unvaccinated Novak Djokovic's former, recently vaccinated. But a closer look at his movements from mid-December, when he allegedly fell ill until his arrival in Australia in the first days of January, reveals that the Serb is lying.

While he was supposed to be ill – something that is certified based on the results of molecular tests – he circulated freely and normally met a large number of people, whom he never informed about his condition. This is already considered illegal in his homeland, Serbia. And while the country adores its iconography, it may face criminal consequences, including imprisonment. Obviously, Djokovic will fall into the trap and serve an alternative sentence – even if convicted – by offering social services, for example. After all, his place of permanent residence is Monaco, not Belgrade.

He has admitted that he lied about his illness, but did not include in his confession the attempt to deceive the Australian authorities. When asked if he had traveled elsewhere, outside of Serbia, during his illness with Covid-19, Djokovic hid the fact that he had gone to Spain. And when this was revealed, he threw the ball, not to the other side of the court, but to his teammates. Who “accidentally” allegedly failed to note the star's trip to Spain.

In this way, the darkest and most stinking aspects of the saga spread more and more: Now, in addition to Australia and Serbia, Djokovic is legally accountable in Spain, where he slammed into Marbella carelessly and cheerfully, spreading the generous coronavirus. Unless, of course, his illness was another convenient lie, as a prerequisite for securing a legal permit to enter Australia. Otherwise he would have to be vaccinated, something he would never have done, since for him the refusal to vaccinate is an inviolable matter of principle.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Djokovic tried to build a tower of lies. His throne is at the top of this mental edifice, which stands, precariously, in the air. If Minister Hawke decides to cancel his visa again and deport him, Novak Djokovic will suddenly be left without a tower, without a throne, but mostly without a reputation. In that case, Djokovic will become another Tiger Woods, a super-champion who tore down what he had previously created, destroying an unparalleled career at the top on his own.

Like it or not, Djokovic is a role model, a hero for countless people. In this sense, moral transgressions are more important to him than any other “common mortal.” That is why, if he is found guilty of attempting to deceive at least three states, the legal consequences will be only a small part of his punishment. The real crash will come with its devaluation in the eyes of the world. At best, in the future we will talk about a Novak Djokovic “before and after Melbourne in 2022”. At worst we will be left with the memory of a criminally arrogant champion, who was given what was appropriate for the insult he committed: The nemesis of his stigmatization as immoral and still a liar.

Source: protothema.gr

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