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The list of Giorkatzi is published with names and loan amounts

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The list of Giorkatzi is published with names and loan amounts

As expected, the Parliament approved yesterday the decision to publish the Giorkatzi list with 47 votes in favor, one vote against Zacharias Koulias, while the three EDEK MPs abstained from the procedure.

As “P” wrote yesterday, the plenary session of the Parliament took a decision on the basis of Article 78 of the Constitution, adopting the suggestions of the ad hoc parliamentary committee for the loans of politically exposed persons. The list is expected following instructions from Parliament Speaker Adamos Adamos that will be posted on the official website of Parliament today at noon, as part of the plenary minutes. It is clarified that the data listed refer to April 2019 when the former governor of the Central Bank Chrystalla Giorkatzi sent the list to Parliament.

The list was distributed immediately after the decision was made with a copy to the deputies of AKEL, DIKO, the Movement of Ecologists, the Cooperation of Democratic Forces, ELAM, the president of the Citizens' Alliance George Lillikas and Anna Theologou. The president of DISY Averof Neophytou stated that the deputies of his party will see the list after its publication on the website of the Parliament. The list was not announced by both Solidarity MPs.

The whole spectrum of public life

As we know, the infamous list includes several non-performing loans of companies associated with individuals. A specific company related to the car sales sector occupies four pages in the list.

In the list, according to information from “P”, in addition to the MPs who made statements and the ambassador of Cyprus in Athens Kyriakos Kenevezos, there are various names of state officials, mayors, government officials and former MPs.

The list includes, among others:

Politician of the presidency of the Republic, for a loan of 227 thousand euros, incumbent MP of DISY, current mayor for 12 loans, while several other mayors have several loans. Also, 15 cases of loans concern a female journalist. A major municipal councilor and former EVS member who was on a party ballot in the 2011 elections also stands out. The list also mentions the name of a commissioner and a former DISY MP. Many loans seem to have a person who has not been clarified how he is classified in the RDP as his name is not recognizable.

Prominent on the list is a group of companies of interests of the former MP who was involved in the case of “golden” passports. According to information from “P”, the man who sent a letter to the Speaker of Parliament warning with legal measures if the list is published is the representative of the Maronites in Parliament, Giannakis Mousas.

Those who made statements

The list also includes loans from MPs who were wrongly – as they claim – included in the list as non-performing. Based on the statements of MPs, these are three MPs of DISY, one of DIKO, one of EDEK and a former MP of Solidarity. There is also the case in which, according to the affected AKEL MP, the loan did not concern him.

A second category concerns debit credit card balances and this includes the cases of an AKEL MP, one of DIKO and one of EDEK.

A third category concerns MPs who, as they claim, had a problem in their cooperation with the banks and these are the loans of an AKEL MP (agricultural loan he inherited from his father) and in the case of an MP of Ecologists.

Explanations Koulia

The list also includes the names of MPs Zacharia Koulia and Kostis Efstathiou who justified their inclusion in the list yesterday.

In a strong style, the DIKO MP Zacharias Koulias stressed that everyone has a responsibility regarding the publication of the list, both the Parliament and the parties, as well as each MP individually and those who publish it. What the Parliament is doing, he noted, “is a big mistake, it stigmatizes the Parliament and puts it in adventures”. Speaking about staff, Mr. Koulias referred to his loans, noting that any loan he has, serviced or not, at the time of its conclusion was secured and the same applies to the loans in which he is a guarantor.

Mr. Efstathiou noted that EDEK will not participate in the parody of the discussion, however, stating that “as things turned out, the list should be made public because the damage has already been done.” He pointed out that such revelations are illegal and that the Parliament is taking this action because it has immunity.

Regarding the loan that concerns him, the EDEK MP clarified that this is a loan that was repaid which was concluded by a relative and in which he had presented himself as a co-borrower.


The secretary general of AKEL, who justified the positive vote of his party, pointed out that the publication of the list will lead to adventures in Parliament, obviously meaning legal complications. Also, the Speaker of Parliament Adamos Adamou, who became the target of criticism by Z. Koulias, after the speech of the DIKO MP, instead of commenting, said: “Do not open my mouth”.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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