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The little girl in the photo is a beloved Cypriot actress – Do you recognize her?

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    Το κοριτσκι τ&eta ;στορφαιαγπηκ ;ριαηοισανγωε&sigma ???

    The touching post

    In a tender post on her personal Instagram account, beloved Cypriot actress, published a photo from her past.

    Specifically she remembered the time when she was a student and she was waiting for me anxious to have a summer vacation in the village, touching with what she wrote in the caption of her post.

    The reason for Marina Vronti who published a photo of herself in a younger age, writing in the caption: “Memory. First days of summer. Let's go to the village as soon as the schools close. In the morning let's build the house for the summer. May the dawn smell of sourdough bread and basil. May my mother water the roses. Soon all the summer company will arrive. Summer begins with parties at dusk and cafes in Platres and Kakopetria in the afternoons.

    On foot from one end of the village to the other. Uphill downhill and tumbling. Every night to smell the cold beer, watermelon and halloumi. The village needs a cardigan. Nescafe at 2 in the morning and whispering voices. Stories from the old days and muffled laughter so as not to wake up the children! (That is, we who never slept)! On Sundays from the morning the roast in the oven and bour in the church in the courtyard of Agia Marina with our good Augustiatika! Hot buns and my grandfather with the magoura singing discreetly! Let my childhood summers happen again every day!”.

    Το κοριτσκιτη σορσεαιμΕνπ ριοισ–νανωρ ?

    Το κοριτ&sigma κι φωοαφς ενα&mu κyροιταγω ;ζεις;

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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