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The Local Authorities should be used as a battlefield, said AKEL General Secretary in Geroskipou

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    The Local Authorities should be used as a battlefield, said AKEL General Secretary in Geroskipou – The two former Mayors of Geroskipou were honored, Menelaos Christodoulou, first Mayor and Tasos Kouzoupos

    In the stigma that the Left gives to Local Self-Government, that Local Authorities can ' be used as a field of struggle and creative action to solve the people's problems, AKEL General Secretary Stefanos Stefanou said in his greeting at an event organized under the theme “30 years Municipality of Geroskipouand the timeless contribution of AKEL”, in the hall of the B Primary School of Geroskipou, in the context of which the two former Mayors of Geroskipou, Menelaos Christodoulou, the first Mayor and Tasos Kouzoupos, were honored.

    Tonight Mr. Stefanou said , “we honor people who honored us with their presence, contribution and action in the Local Government and in Geroskipou. We honor the history and path of each one individually, but also the History as written by the forces of progress, in the work-filled path of the Left in Local Self-Government”.

    We honor people who looked ahead and wanted to turn Geroskipou into a center of creation with social reference, cultural action, a center of development for the entire region”.

    In this effort of top importance, he continued, there was the contribution of the two former Mayors, Menelaos Christodoulou, the first Mayor Geroskipou and Tasos Kouzoupou. Their long career in the Local Government in Geroskipou left behind projects and infrastructures that changed the lives of the citizens for the better, he added. Of course, as he said, none of everything that was done would have been possible without the support of their partners, the AKEL Municipal Team, the municipal councilors and the school tax authorities.

    This is what Mr. Stefanou continued who united and made a strong group of all these people, it is the vision that became a program. He added the vision of the development of Geroskipou at various levels, which the Left first believed in and put forward to make it a reality.

    He also said that in order to achieve it “he first had to convince ' repels the forces of preservation, who, comfortable in their privileges and sovereignty, did not want anything to change for the benefit of the whole, the entire local society”, adding that “they are usually limited to serving the big interests”.

    He mentioned a series of projects that were done, such as the Adult Center, beautification of the Municipality, repair and development of the road network, Multipurpose Children's Service Center, infrastructure projects on the beach front, swimming pool, sports center, Geroskipou Square

    Referring to the stigma given by the Left to Local Self-Government, he said that “local authorities can be used as a field of struggle and creative action to solve the people's problems. In housing, in social services, in the support of those in need, in the development of cultural activity, in the creation of infrastructure, in the small and large demands that everyday life puts before us”.

    In relation to the implementation of the Reform of the Local Government, he said that it is a big challenge.

    He then referred to Nikos Palios, a candidate for Mayor of the Municipality of Eastern Paphos who is supported by AKEL, stating that he is a man already established in the Local Government and the already rich his resume is a guarantee that he is the best choice to lead the new era.

    Equally worthy is the ballot of AKEL Left Social Alliance, which includes people who are established and active, with an appetite and enthusiasm for work and contribution to the local community, he added. He also pointed out that the stake of the next elections, Municipal and European elections, is exactly that. “To strengthen the forces that realize that now is the time to bring the needs and demands of society to the fore. That now is the time for the many and not for the few and privileged, the majority of society that faces multiple problems, is looking for solutions, needs measures and policies to support it”.

    Also Theoharis Hari Parchiakos Organizing Secretary of AKEL Paphos in his greeting, among other things, stated that for AKEL, T.A. is a constant struggle to improve the quality of life, the citizens and the daily life of local societies, in the light of a progressive and pro-people orientation.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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